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Sonic Mega Collection [Beta - GameCube / PS2]

As we can read on Wikipedia, Sonic Mega Collection is a sonic-games compilation for the Nintendo GameCube and Playstation 2. The compilation contains twelve to fourteen games depending on the region, all originally released on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis console. Ten of the included games are installments of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, while the remaining two to four games are only related to the series by company. Sonic CD and Sonic Drift were also planned to be included in the beta version, but the former was deferred to Sonic Gems Collection and the latter appeared in Sonic Mega Collection Plus. Below you can see is an extremely old video of Sonic Mega Collection with all the originally planned games.

Post by Mariosegafreak


Sonic Generations [Beta - PS3 Xbox 360]

Sonic Generations is 3D action platforming game that features two Sonics on one epic adventure. The beta uses few different elements. Here are some of them!

The layout of the classic green hill was slightly different in the beta, and the same goes for modern. At the section where classic sonic enters the cave, where the buzz bomber should be there is a platform. This was removed for unknown reasons. Also, most of the item monitors/boxes were broken leaving only blue static. This is similar to the unused boxes in Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).Other than that, there is nothing else to compare between the beta classic and full classic green hill zone act 1.

Onto act 2! At the beginning of modern green hill zone, sonic says “Ready? GO!”. This was also removed for unknown reasons. The regular and boosting versions of modern green hill zone were slightly edited in the beta version. This can be heard at the E3 Sonic Generations modern green hill zone. At the part of act 2 where sonic must homing attack the buzz bombers, extra spikes were added. The trick rainbow ring replaced the buzz bombers. Another topic, whenever modern sonic uses boost, a different voice may be heard. Lastly, sonic’s aura followed him whenever he uses jump dash, stomp or homing attack similar to Sonic Unleashed.

There is also an unused cutscene featuring the Time Eater. This can be seen in the bosses and rivals trailer.

Also, Modern Sonic in the first demo gained more boost while tricking and Moder was planned to play the first Act as well as Classic, in Green Hill there was a spot where it could use the Light Dash

Information regarding the title in development:

  1. At one stage, Sonic Team considered the possibility of Classic Sonic having a speaking role in the game and consulted the staff at SEGA of America about it. Aaron Webber, the associate brand manager at SoA at the time, insisted that if the character were to speak, he would have to be voiced by Jaleel White. White, who was responsible for portraying the mascot in all three of the Sonic animated shows (Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground and The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog) from the 90’s, was never contacted about the opportunity, however. The idea was soon dropped early on in production and Classic Sonic was made to be mute.
  2. Regarding the odd ‘cutscenes’ in trailers, those are not actually cutscenes but pre-rendered CG animation which may have only been intended to be used for promotional materials. The first CG shown ended up in the retail version of the game. The audio from the trailer (a song called ‘Tenderoni’) was replaced with an original instrumental track. The footage plays if one waits long enough at the title screen.
  3. The final level selection was chosen late into development; SEGA published a series of community polls asking for fans to choose their favourite level from various games. Before the polls, the level selection was entirely different.*
  4. While designing Speed Highway, a request was submitted to make locations and road names on signs refer to SEGA community members. A similar request was made to include advertising for the NiGHTS Hotel from Sonic Adventure 2, in which it would be revealed to be under new management by the community members who run the fan-site nightsintodreams.com, and be celebrating its anniversary. Both requests were denied.*
  5. The script for the game was intentionally kept simple because SEGA feared backlash, as had happened previous times when trying to incorporate character interaction and development into the plot.*

Post by The Neo Joy. Thanks to Ivo Robotnik and Runaway for their contributions!

*Information provided to Runaway by Kevin Eva, who was SEGA of Europe Community Manager until a few months before the game’s release.



Sonic Extreme [XBOX - Prototype / Pitch]

Sonic Extreme is a pitch / early proto created by Vision Scape Interactive, that was recently discovered by ProtonX (from the Assembler Forum) on a development unit for the original Xbox console. The project features Sonic skateboarding around in an area reminiscent of Heroes‘s Seaside Hill. Additionally, there appears to be a battle mode with Sonic and Shadow built in the same split-screen style as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle / Mario Kart. Probably Vision Scape Interactive tried to pitch this project to SEGA, but without luck.

Vision Scape Interactive were also working on other cancelled games:

  • Tech Dude- Extreme Sports Game
  • Tiltronica- Action Party Game
  • Speed Metal- Car Combat/RPG
  • Revelations – Adventure/RPG

Article by Mariosegafreak



Sonic Colors / Colours [Wii - Beta]

Sonic Colors or Sonic Colours is a platform game developed by Sonic Team for the Wii. Tehe video below is from the e3 demo of Sonic Colours, there are some minor differences between this and the final.

-The music has much more bass than in the final.
-The announcer shouted “POWER UP” whenever a wisp was collected.
-The announcer shouts “SPIN” when the yellow wisp is used, while in the final he shouts “DRILL”.
-Music doesn’t change when using the green wisp (the laser wisp).
-Some of rings and wisp power-ups are in different locations than in the final.
-The announcer’s “good, great, awesome, outstanding, amazing!” is different in this version. It was re-recorded for the final.

Thanks to Slashy for the contribution!



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