Sonic Colors / Colours [Wii – Beta]

Sonic Colors / Colours [Wii – Beta]

Sonic Colors or Sonic Colours is a platform game developed by Sonic Team for the Wii. Tehe video below is from the e3 demo of Sonic Colours, there are some minor differences between this and the final.

-The music has much more bass than in the final.
-The announcer shouted “POWER UP” whenever a wisp was collected.
-The announcer shouts “SPIN” when the yellow wisp is used, while in the final he shouts “DRILL”.
-Music doesn’t change when using the green wisp (the laser wisp).
-Some of rings and wisp power-ups are in different locations than in the final.
-The announcer’s “good, great, awesome, outstanding, amazing!” is different in this version. It was re-recorded for the final.

Thanks to Slashy for the contribution!


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7 thoughts on “Sonic Colors / Colours [Wii – Beta]

  1. MPNagem89

    i don’t know what gametrailers has against sonic colours. SEGA finally makes a GOOD 3D sonic game and gametrailers treats the game like garbage while others like nintendo power give the game a 9.5 out of 10.

  2. MPNagem89

    actually nintendo power gave sonic colours 9 out of 10 my bad. also gametrailers giving shadow the hedgehog a good rating is just bad taste

  3. steph

    I recently got into the Sonic series, and the older 3D games were horrible. This has a lot less Beta than the old ones!

  4. 989Nintendo898

    There are no dynamic shadows in the beta! very shdow is just a round ring under the object, unlike the final game.

  5. RedForge

    Other changes: There is no animation when hitting the wisp capsules in beta, in the final sonic did a backflip in slow motion. The drill wisp (spin in beta) is much faster in the beta than the final.

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