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Nuclear Strike [PSX/PC – Beta]

Nuclear Strike is a multi-directional shooter developed by Electronic Arts and released in 1997 for the PlayStation and PC. DCodes7 has noticed that there are some data files named “E3*” in the game’s disk, that are probably releated to a beta demo that could have been used in a past E3 to show Nuclear Strike to the press. Luckyly this beta demo can be freely played by typing the code “LIGHTNING” in.

The beta level is unfinished, the mission and its terrain is based off the second level of Nuclear Strike, but with lots of incomplete edits. More than half of  the area is empty and has no live action FMV’s of its own. When completing all objectives you will hear a message saying “Thank you for flying strike air, we know that you have a choice of many games to play and we appreciate your time to play us.

Also note that the “LIGHTNING” code for the beta level never appears in Nuclear Strikes campaign and the only way to know of its existence is to look up the code on the net. You can see this unfinished level in the videos below.

Thanks to DCodes7 for the contribution!




MegaMan X7 [PS2 – Beta]

Megaman X7 (Rockman X7 in Japan) came to the American PS2 in october of 2003, and brought with it some of the biggest changes the X series of Megaman games has seen. For the first time, players could control X and Zero in 3D worlds, as well as switching back to 2D at times. It also brought with it, a new face to the series, Axl, with the ability to completely transform into certain enemies.

Players could now switch between 2 characters of their choice in any given level, with the Intro stage, being the only exception, considering that for the first time ever, X, was an unlockable character, instead of being available right from the start. However, it seems this wasn’t always the case. Take a look at these beta videos and screenshots taken from before the game was released. 

Future Strike (Future Cop LAPD) [PSX – Beta]

Thanks to DCodes7, we found out some interesting info about the development of Future Cop LAPD, a Playstation shooter that started as a new chapter in the “Strike” series. From 1991 – 1997 The strike series has been about Open world mid-air helicopter combat, developed by EA (Electronic Arts).

Nuclear Strike -released in 1997- was to be the last game to be released in the Strike series, but originally the developers who worked on the project were going to make another strike game called Future Strike. Apparently the game was going to be released in 1998; one year after Nuclear Strike’s Release.

When Nuclear Strike was released on the Playstation, a “Future Strike” trailer was hidden in the game. To view the trailer you have to play and beat all the game’s missions or use a cheat code. 

Ratchet Deadlocked [PS2 – Beta]

Ratchet Deadlocked (Ratchet: Gladiator in PAL regions, also known as Ratchet & Clank 4) is an arena style shooter from Insomniac games, released on 10/25/05 for the Playstation 2. This game strayed the most from the standard gameplay of the Ratchet and Clank series, being the first and only Ratchet game to be based upon the idea of arena fights instead of exploration.

Combat bots at one point were supposed to have legs instead of their hover base. This changed how they affect gameplay, mainly because flying lets them get a better angle than they could by walking. Also to be seen here, is that when given a command, that command appears above their heads. This can be seen at the very start of the video. The combat bot on the left to be precise. Also here, is a beta version of the ammo crate. It’s orange here, but the final version is green. And also, the ammo refills are the Gadgetron ones, and they are cylinder shaped. The final versions, are more box shaped, and green and black in color. Finally, notice that Ratchet has two combat bots here, and rescues a third. It is not known if the third battle bot would have affected gameplay or not.

Evan Hanley found even more differences in the early trailers shown at E3 and Tokyo Game Show:

  • The Eviscerator lacked his leg pads.
  • Ace Hardlight has a different missile glove.
  • The combat bots had legs at one point.
  • The Landstalker had different missile sound effects.
  • The HUD was different.
  • The health bar was different.
  • The weapon icons look slightly different.
  • The number text for the health bar, ammo and bolts was different.
  • The minimap is different.
  • The robot ability box is a different shape.
  • There is no level text for the weapons.
  • The EXP text is different.
  • The EXP bar is smaller and harder to see.
  • The Weapon EXP bar is different and in a different position.
  • The Landstalker’s health bar is different.
  • The Flail Whip has no hit sound effect.
  • The Electric Mine Launcher has a different sound effect.
  • Ratchet doesn’t grunt when hit.

The Online Multiplayer footage has pretty much the same differences as the Tokyo Game Show Trailer but has different HUDs and activity texts for different modes.

Thanks to Evan for the contribution! 

Warhawk 2 [PSX – Cancelled]

Warhawk 2 is the cancelled sequel of the original Warhawk for the PSX. Warhawk 1 was a futuristic arcade-style flight-combat game for the PlayStation 1, developed by SingleTrac and released by Sony in 1995. This should not be confused with the multiplayer-only remake of the same name, developed by Incognito Entertainment and released on the PlayStation 3 in 2007. [Info from Wikipedia]

Warhawk 2 was probably in development in 1996 / 1997 by Sony Interactive Studios / 989 Studios, but the project was soon canned for unknown reasons. The SingleTrac studio was closed down in 2000. A group of SingleTrac employees broke off and formed the game studio Incognito Entertainment in 1999.

Thanks to Matthew for the contribution!