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Mega Man X-3 [SNES – Unused Stuff]

Mega Man X3 was released in 1995 by Capcom. It was the third game in the Mega Man X sub-franchise and the last to appear on the Super Nintendo. GoldS has found some unused objects and behaviors that were still hidden in the game code, and you can see them in the following videos. Props to him!

Ian has made us to notice that:

Video 1:

  • The Ganseki may have orinnaly droped spiked balls on Zero in the intro stage, In the final the spiked balls just drop from the ceiling.
  • The Wild Tanks may have orginaly been completly submereged underground as to surprise the player but, in the final the “arm” is left out as to give the player an advantage.
  • Looking at the bottom entering door in Hornet’s stage may have been a test for doors that enter from another side that the right, Like in Mega Man 1 witch had doors that oped from the top and bottom of the screen.
  • The Ride Armor Boss may have been a test for a possible fight with Vile’s Ride Armor on Auto-Piolt or somthing, It may have been a fortress level boss as when defeated X does his victroy pose and warps out(Like finishing a end level boss), In the final Vile is in his Ride Armor before it’s destroed.

Video 2:

  • The Harmfull Carry Arm may have been a trap confusing players into
    taking damages, or the orignals may have had a timer so that if the player took too long they would begin to take damage.
  • For the Upside down enimies they may have been a time when these enemy types would cling to a ceiling to attack and or surprise them.

Thanks to Bowsersenemy and xMrNx we can see some unused Zero sprites and a strange W Meter bar that are still hidden in the game code. It seems that the unused W meter could be found in the memory of MMX 1 and 2 as well.




Hellgate [Dreamcast – Cancelled]

Developed by Horny Dog and published by Jester Interactive, Hellgate was going to be a third person shooter for the Dreamcast, where to kill demons and going around for the levels with a motorcycle. Sadly the game was cancelled, as we can read on the old Horny Dog website: “The Sega announcement that they were ceasing production of Dreamcast hardware wasn’t much of a help, as well as the fact one or two members of our team didn’t have the game’s best interest at heart. […] We had spent 15 months developing the title, and although many of us felt we achieved so much, it wasn’t enough to save the title.”

Our friends at SuperiorVersion have found some nice screens from this project, you can check them all in here. A video from the intro of the game was later found by!

From the old developers website we can still read some interesting informations about the game:

magine a crossover between Quake and WipeOut. Got that image? Hellgate meshes these two genres, with high speed at your fingertips, as well as some meaty weaponry! There will be four gigantic realms to conquer, as well as ten formidable weapons to defeat the many demons and monsters lurking within Hell.

We will also be supporting Dreamcast’s online capabilities with online Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Sumo and Time Trial modes, and also feature offline 4 player Deathmatch and link-up Deathmatch modes. The exciting thing is, Hellgate could well be the first Dreamcast game to support 12 – yes – 12 people.

In March 2009, a playable beta was somehow leaked and now you can download it and try Hellgate on your Dreamcast! Thanks to X-Cult for the file mirror

Thanks a lot to Borman & for the contribution!




Zombies / Monsters Shooter [X360/PS3 – Prototype]


This untitled project is a playable prototype that was developed in about 6 weeks by an internal team at Midway, to pitch for a full game. It’s a third person shooter, set in an abandoned city with zombies, monsters and huge colossi-alike enemies. It’s currently unknow if this proto will ever be used to build a real game, but as Midway is near to bankruptcy, we could never be able to play this in our homes.




Duke Nukem: D-Day [PS2 – Cancelled]

In 2001 N-Space was working on a new Duke Nukem game for the Playstation 2 named “D-Day” (also know as Duke Nukem: Man Of Valor), that would have been published by Rockstar Games. Sadly, D-Day was canceled for unknown reasons. This project would have been the third Duke Nukem game developed by N-Space, after DN: Land of the Babes (2000) and DN: Time to Kill (1998). The game would have seen our hero in World War 2 themed levels, with aliens and time travel.

Thanks to Sir_Brando for the english corrections!