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Cavalry Battle 3000 [N64 – Cancelled]


Cavalry Battle 3000 is a cancelled Nintendo 64 game that was in development by Japan System Supply. There is not much information on this project, but it seems that it was going to be a racing game with gameplay somehow similar to Road Rash, in which the player has to fight his opponents while trying to win the race. At the moment only a single screenshot remains from Cavalry Battle, but we hope that more images  and info will be found in the future, maybe in some old Japanese gaming magazine.


Cyber Thug [Playstation – Cancelled]

Cyberthug (aka Cyber Thug) is a cancelled action game that was in development by MGM Interactive for the original Playstation.It seems that a bonus comic book was published to promote the game, and the story from the comic was a prequel of the story we would have seen in the game.

If you have more info about this project, please let us know!

Thanks to Steve for the contribution!


Rambo 3 [MD/G – Beta]


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Speed Tribes [PSX PC – Cancelled]

Speed Tribes is a cancelled shooter / racing game that was in development  in 1997 / 1998 by Nemicron and it would have been published by THQ for the original Playstation and PC. The project was based off a comic of the same name (or was the comic created just to promote the game?), in which six tribes of riders fight to became the leaders of the city.

In the game, players would have chosen one of the tribes and used aero-bikes to combat against the rival riders in open arenas. Many multiplayer modes were planned, especially for the PC version.

Mark Vanco (an American cyberpunk designer and artist) was involved with the creation of the comic and the game’s world. In the end Speed Tribes was never finished for unkown reasons and Nemicron closed down after a while.

Thanks a lot to Martin Jajam for his help in preserving more screens from this lost project!


Apocalypse [PSX – Beta]

Apocalypse is an action game / third person shooter released for the PlayStation in 1998. The game was initially developed by Activision Santa Monica, but the team had some problems in fulfilling their original concept, that was seen as “too ambitious” for the PSX hardware. Apocalypse was doomed, but as Activision paid Bruce Willis a lot to have his likeness and voice in the game, they decided to  dismiss their Santa Monica Studio and hire Neversoft Entertainment to finish the project.

Neversoft was able to complete the Apocalypse project, but the original concept was changed into a more linear shooter. As we can read at the Playstation Museum, initially Bruce Willis was meant to be a sidekick to the main character, but when focus testing revealed that people wanted to play as Bruce, he became the main protagonist.

In the gallery below you can see some of the beta builds with different characters and levels. Some images (a 10% complete build?) were found by Celine in GamePro #90 while other screens and footage were preserved by the Playstation Museum.