Project Dagger [PS2 XBOX – Prototype]

Project Dagger [PS2 XBOX – Prototype]

Project Dagger was an internal prototype for a new cooperative action game developed at Digital Illusions (DICE) during 2004/2005. When EA bought the studio, they did not greenlight the title for full production. From the look of the few videos preserved (that are probably target renders), the game was going to be about robbing bank and other criminal affairs, using 4 characters with different abilities. It seems that they wanted to have an online coop mode too.



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2 thoughts on “Project Dagger [PS2 XBOX – Prototype]

  1. Sameer

    I would like you to add that the MP seems to be about getting the cash and betraying your friends, probably the winner the one who gets all of the cash, it seems someone can get you killed, or even kill you, …………etc

  2. Anonymous

    This concept is similar to BF : Hardline, did they just ressurected the game in battlefield series ?

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