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Crash Tag Team Racing DS [Cancelled]

Crash Tag Team Racing is a kart-racer developed by Radical Entertainment and published in 2005 by Sierra Entertainment for GameCube, PS2, Xbox and PSP. A Nintendo DS version was also announced, but later cancelled. This unreleased DS version was in development by Sensory Sweep and in 2014 a few images from the prototype were found by Crashmania’s user Bitmap.

As we can read on Wikipedia:

“The main hook of Crash Tag Team Racing is the “clashing” feature found during the racing sections of the game. The player can “clash” with another vehicle by pressing a certain button depending on the gaming platform. The player’s vehicle will merge with a nearby opponent’s vehicle, and the player will then take control of a powerful turret weapon to shoot at other vehicles.”

Crash Tag Team Racing DS would have been a fun multiplayer title for Nintendo’s dual-screen console, but unfortunately it seems Sierra though the game would have bombed because of the competition with Mario Kart DS. Other rumors say the real reason for its cancellation were internal issues between Sierra and Sensory Sweep, but we don’t have any official statement.

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Time Traveler [PS2 – Cancelled]

Time Traveler is an action game that was in development in 2003 / 2004 at Sensory Sweep Studios. From the only video that remains from the project it seems that the player would have been able to go back in time to the Titanic disaster, to change the history.  It’s currently unknown if the Titanic was the scenario for only one of the various levels of the game, or if all the missions would have been set in the  famous sinking ship. This project could have also been a proposal concept for an early Playstation 3 game, with a prototype build created on their PS2 engine.

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