Ultima 8: The Lost Vale [PC – Cancelled]

Ultima VIII: Pagan is the eighth part of the computer RPG series Ultima: it was developed by Origin Systems and released in 1994 for the PC. Dominus sent us a couple of links (here and here) in which we can read some informations about the cancelled Ultima 8 expansion, that was called The Lost Vale. It seems that:

The Lost Vale was planned to be an add-on for Ultima 8, but it was never released. Sources seem to suggest that the add-on was fully made and ready for release, but was not released because of Ultima 8’s relatively poor sales […] The Lost Vale would have been accessed from the locked double-doors at Bonecrusher’s cave on the Plateau […] This Vale would apparently offer an additional adventure for the Avatar during his stay in Pagan, featuring the other three Zealan gods and a shield with their symbols, broken in two. […]

We can even read some more infos on PC games That Weren’t. If The Lost Vale was really finished, we can hope that one day it could be leaked and preserved somehow.

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Black Isle’s Torn [PC – Cancelled]

Black Isle’s Torn is a computer role-playing game developed for Windows by Black Isle Studios, announced on March 2001 and cancelled in July of that year. The game was to use a modified version of the SPECIAL role-playing system, which had been implemented in the Fallout series.

Developed on various editions of the Lithtech engine, Torn possessed features unseen in previous Black Isle Studios games, such as 3D graphics and real-time camera movement.

In July 2001, after circulation of rumors, Torn was officially cancelled.Following the incident, fifty-six members of Black Isle Studios’ staff were laid off. The ultimate reason for Torn’s cancellation was eventually revealed by Feargus Urquhart:

“I don’t know if we ever released an official reason on why [Torn] was canceled, but in a nutshell, the game was canceled because it was not going to be done in time to get Interplay the revenue the company needed to continue operations. That sounds like it was all Interplay’s fault, but that’s really not the case. The project was not going well and continued to be an ongoing challenge.”

The delays were caused by numerous engine upgrades and large problems with pathfinding, due to the team’s inexperience with 3D engines. [Infos from Wikipedia]

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Pokémon Ruby: more unused content in the game?


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The offsets that are in this article work only with Pokémon Ruby v 1.0 (USA). If you want to know which version is your game, you can use the Rom Header Editor Advance (RHEA). You can find RHEA at any Pokémon hacking website. The text can be seen with Advance-Text (A-Text) but you have to convert the offsets from HEX to DEC (for doing this you can use Windows Calculator). For the unused rooms, you can use Advance Map (A-Map).

I have found some unused dialogs and rooms in Pokémon Ruby. None of them are used in the final version of the game but they are still  hidden in the game code!

It seems like the game’s early project name was POKéMON AGB (AGB is the official product code for the GBA).

Unused Text n° 1 (offset 1A0712) 

Megaman Starforce [Beta / Unused – DS]

Granville has wrote an interesting topic in the U64 Forum, in which he showed us some misterious textures that seems to have been found by The Spriters Resource in the Megaman Starforce code. In these textures we can recognize various 3D models from the Megaman Battle Network series!

The problem is that there was no 3D MMBN for the DS and MMBN5 DS was just a compilation port of both GBA versions of Battle Network 5. It was pretty much identical to the GBA as it had the same 2D graphics apart from a couple of models. There were a total of 3 3D models in MMBN5 DS- Megaman, Protoman, and Colonel. The Megaman model that was found in MM Starforce could be from BN5, but that’s about it. Hidden in the MMSF code there’s Lan, some kid, a town, Lan’s room, and some net areas all in 3D and can’t be found anywhere in BN5DS.

As Granville has wrote, it could be possible that Capcom used “MMBN5’s engine as a base for Starforce at first. Likely they intended Starforce to be a true Battle Network 7 originally, but then they modded the game so much that it became its own series.” If this is trye, then these Battle Network 3D models could be the only remains from the original Starforce prototype.

You can read more info about these unused models at Mega Rock Blog!

Here are some beta images from MHFsilver, used in promotional videos and articles:

These images show a wide difference between the beta and final version. Some images include their beta version compared to their final version. For more information, you can check the Rockman EXE Zone Forum!

Thanks a lot to Granville, MegaRockReborn, tgarciao and MHFsilver for the contributions and huge props to MegaRockEXE for the find!




Unused SaGa Frontier text now translated!

Do you remember the unused japanese text that Robert Seddon found in the American version of  SaGa Frontier (along with other interesting stuff)?  Well, now thanks to another great translation from GlitterBerri, we are able to understand what it all means! Also, we are able to wonder where it could have been used originally. You can read the full text translation (by GlitterBerri) with comments (by Robert Seddon) in here:

Lost Text of SaGa Frontier @ The Face of the Moon

Lost Text of SaGa Frontier @ BerriBlue

Here are some of the most interesting parts:

[… ] The blood of mystics is different from your human blood.
It is not mere substance.
You are inheriting Orlouge’s spirit power.
He killed a woman, you see.
Knocked off a regular human girl.
He didn’t intend for that to happen.
He didn’t want that at all.
So he used his own power to prevent it.[…]

One of the lost scenes from Asellus’s quest: not much new information (why would it bother Orlouge, not the most pleasant of souls, that he unintentionally killed a human?), but her being told to accept her fate like this would have added a little more depth to her predicament.

[…] Be safe, White Rose….
Please protect Lady Asellus.

Thank you, Princess Kurenai.

Another scene cut from Asellus’s quest, showing why Kurenai was included in the game; in the final version she’s still present in Rootville, but after greeting Asellus she serves no function in the plot at all. This escape scene apparently follows the unused scene in Asellus’s bedroom (0x1A9 below) and leads to arrival in Mosperiburg (0x1F3 below).

[…] Furdo1 has come.
What do you think of my true collection?

Perhaps ‘Furdo1’ is another placeholder for the developers.

So: Furdo would have had a larger role in the game, Nashiira and the Bio Research Lab would have had more of a purpose, and not only Zozma but also Ciato and Rastaban would have had more developed roles in Asellus’s quest.

Huge props to Robert and GlitterBerri for this!