Xenogears [PSX – Beta / Unused]

Xenogears is a RPG developed and published by Square for the PlayStation on February 1998 in Japan and on October 1998 in North America. Originally, Squaresoft had intended to call the game “Project Noah”. The name was later changed to Xenogears for unknown reasons. It is the fifth part of a six-part story detailed in Xenogears Perfect Works; at the end of the game’s credits, “Episode V” appears on screen. [Infos from Wikipedia]

In April 2009 UltimateGraphics has translated the Xenogears Perfect Works in English, and it’s now possible to check many informations about parts of the plot that were left out of the games or changed before the release. The full translation can be found in here.

In the book we can find different design for the Omnigears and some unknown monsters. As Kid Fenris on the Lost Levels forum has pointed out, one playable party member, Margie / Marguerite / Maroeur, was reduced to a supporting role. Also, some characters illustrations that we can see in the book were not in the final game, but they were used as the character portraits during battles in the beta version.

Thanks to some articles on Xenogears: God & Mind, we can read about much more unused stuff still hidden in the game code, as various dialogue and text not actually present / or censored. “Point Bethlehem” is the name of an area that can be found in the text rip, but there’s no place with that name in the final game.

While the released Xenogears has 59 chapters (and a final epilogue) to play, we can find the name of 9 other chapters that were removed:

  • 03. House On a Hill
  • 05. Attack on Lahan
  • 08. Broken Silence
  • 09. Path to Aveh
  • 53. Fall of Solaris
  • 54. Shevat’s Move
  • 55. Broken Ties
  • 63. Waiting Death
  • 67. Xenogears Wakes

Also, it’s possible to gain access to a series of Debug Rooms, in which we can see many deleted scenes, “new” areas and hidden extra’s.

As they wrote on X:G&M: “due to budget problems, lack of time, or perhaps merely a desire to forego work on Xenogears in favor of other projects, production on Xenogears was ultimately cut short, and the creator’s original vision for the game was never truly realized”. You can check X:G&M for more informations about the removed scenes and dialogues.

As Robert Seddon has made us to notice, there’s a Xenogears FMV (Stars of Tears) that exists in the game’s files and can be acessed from the debug rooms, but reportedly it isn’t used anywhere in the actual game. The song was included on the official OST, so in a sense it did get used.




Final Fantasy VI (6) [SNES – Beta & Unused Stuff]

Thanks to the Caves Of Narshe website we found out that in the code of Final Fantasy 6 is possible to find an unused enemy, called “Czar Dragon”. An unused dialogue related to this monster is hidden too:

“Mwa, ha, ha…. Humans and their desires! I’m free at last! I bring you destruction… I bring you terror… I am Czar! Prepare yourselves!”

Also as Dragonsbrethren and Deathlike2 from the Slick Productions Forum has noted, some beta screenshots shown that Biggs and Wedge were named Leo and Banon, and Maduin was frozen in ice instead of Tritoch. The pictures also show that the fight/attack command was available when the M-tek status is applied. There may not have been a Magitek status at this point in development, the armor could have just been for show, or it could be what’s giving them those high HP totals.



Ascendant (Big Huge RPG) [X360/PS3/PC – Beta]

Ascendant is a third person action RPG with a fantasy theme. The game was announced by THQ in 2007 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Developed by Big Huge Games and led by Oblivion designer Ken Rolston, Ascendant (also known as ‘Big Huge RPG’ and ‘Crucible’) was originally intended for a release in 2009.

When THQ decided to cut workforce for cost reduction in early 2009, Ascendant failed to gain the support of the publisher.  THQ would no longer fund the ambitous RPG, still they were seeking a new investor for Big Huge Games. In late May 2009, Curt Schilling’s 38 Studious bought the studio. The corresponding press release makes the impression that  Ascendant is back on track:

“Big Huge Games is currently developing an unnamed RPG title for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system, and Windows PC.”

Thanks to Robert Seddon and Celine for the contribution!




Golden Sun: The Lost Age [GBA – Unused Content]

Robert Seddon has linked us to an interesting topic in the Golden Sun Hacking Community Forum, in which they have found a lot of unused  items, sprites and Psynergy spells that were still hidden in the Golden Sun: The Lost Age code! All of these can not be obtained in the final game without hacking. Betweem the unused NPC there’s one that looks a bit like Link from The Legend Of Zelda and we can only wonder if it was going to be a cameo from the Zelda series, later removed for some reasons. Also several characters from the original Golden Sun are among the game’s sprite collection despite not actually appearing in the game. Maybe these sprites are still in there because the developers used the original Golden Sun code to build the second game and they just forgot to remove that old stuff.

[spoiler /List of Unused Items/ /Hide the List of Unused Items/]

398: Divine Camisole – Shirt: Raises Defense and Luck
Price: 2700, Defense: 10
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Mia, Jenna, Sheba.
Luck +5

399: Herbed Shirt – Shirt: Reduces Defense
Price: 1900, Defense: 7
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Anyone
Use: Herb, Breaks when used.

401: Casual Shirt – Shirt: Restores HP & Raises DEF
Price: 50, Defense: 3
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Isaac, Garet, Ivan, Felix, Piers
HP recovery +5

405: Knight’s Greave – Boots: Raise Defense & HP
Price: 2700, Defense: 8
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Anyone
Max HP +5

406: Silver Greave – Boots: Raise Defense & Luck
Price: 3800, Defense: 11
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Anyone
Luck +4

407: Ninja Sandals – Boots: Raise Defense & Evade
Price: 2000, Defense: 5
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Anyone
Critical Hits +15

411: Aroma Ring – Ring: Restores 100 HP to all allies
Price: 2300
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Anyone
Use: Healing Aura, breaks when used

412: Rainbow Ring – Ring: Deludes multiple enemies
Price: 900
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Anyone
Use: Delude, breaks when used

413: Soul Ring – Ring: Use to raise a downed ally
Price: 1800
Is a rare item
Can be equipped by: Anyone
Use: Revive, breaks when used[/spoiler]

[spoiler /List of Unused Psynergy spells/ /Hide the List of Unused Psynergy spells/]
129 – Reflect
A Psynergy usable in battle. No apparent use has been found.

155 – Ma???? (Magnet)
A Psynergy usable outside of battle, a ring appears around the player which dissipates after a few seconds. Can be used in Psynergy Test 2 Debug Room to mess with a pile of rope.
The ability may cause transitions between locations, and menus to become glitchy.

157 – A?? (Arrow)
A Psynergy usable outside of battle, a bow appears in front of the player, and shoots an arrow which sticks in NPCs, and other objects. Can be used in Psynergy Test Debug Room to light a torch, and annoy Kraden.
The ability appears glitchy sometimes since it ignores the height-map, and thus may appear at the wrong elevation.

298 – Aurora Field
A Psynergy usable in battle. Fully heals & revives your party.[/spoiler]

Huge props to Atrius and all the GS Hacking Community for these finds!




Panzer Dragoon Saga [Saturn – Beta / Unused Texts]

Panzer Dragoon Saga is a RPG released for the Sega Saturn in 1998. It was the third Panzer Dragoon game to be released and so far it remains the only game in the series that is not a rail shooter. Like the other Panzer Dragoon games on the Saturn, it was developed by Sega’s internal Team Andromeda development studio. The team disbanded after Saga’s release. [Infos from Wikipedia]

As we can read in an interesting article from The Will of the Ancients, in the early screenshots of the game we can see a beta HUD, unfinished environments, changes in the character placements and other minor differences. Also, in this other article we can read that some unused text is still hidden in the code: “If you put one of the Panzer Dragoon Saga game discs into your PC and open certain files in a text editor, you’ll be able to read the script for the game, which is all stored as normal text. […] However, virtually every section of text contains some lines of script that don’t appear in the finished game; there are bits of conversations that don’t take place, descriptions of items that don’t exist, and other odd things besides.”

In May 2008 Hidden Palace, thanks to donations from The Will of the Ancients community, released various beta versions of the game (from 1996 and 1997) with some differences like a removed Dermot’s Ranch camp area, missing Village of Cainus, different controls & english translation.

Also, Evilhamwizard was able to find a debug menu in the Panzer Dragoon Saga beta (Sept 16 1997 build):

Now, this appears to be the only debug that’s activated for the moment. For some reason, the battle system, the world map (I guess) system, and the menu/title screens don’t have debugs. I went though many of the PRG files, and it appears that some boss battles have special debugs enabled. But I’m not sure. The game DOES have a map select, battle select, and a sound test that’s all on the title screen (the files for the sound test still exist in this build as well as the final, I believe).[…]

Now onto the debug itself. Like I said, this debug in particular can only be loaded on a FIELD map. To get the debug to show up, however, is easy and only requires a second controller (you could probably use one controller and just switch ports). To enable it, you have to press START first to get it to show up on the second controller. Then you have to move the dpad a little to highlight what you want. After pressing start for the first time, you can then use the R button to call up the debug screen with the second controller as well. To select anything from the list, I believe I used the A button. To mess with the variables, ABC on the second controller decrease the values while XYZ increase them.