God: The Game [Wii – Cancelled]

God: The Game [Wii – Cancelled]

Before being closed down by THQ, Big Huge Games were working on a simulation / adventure game for the Wii, that was know as “God The Game”. It was going to be a mix between Black & White, Animal Crossing, Little King’s Story and Zelda.. at least from the few informations and concept arts leaked from the project. The game was cancelled in late 2008 when THQ ran into financial difficulties.


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10 thoughts on “God: The Game [Wii – Cancelled]

  1. Fartnog Buttstinkle

    “it was probably going to suck anyway, like all wii games,”

    Yeah man, Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros Brawl, Metroid Prime 3, Zak and Wiki, Punch-Out, etc. sure do suck… oh, wait! They all received great reviews and are considered to be some of the best games of the generation!

    Stupid fanboy. It’s unreal to me that it’s 2009 and there are still “console warriors” like this guy still around. What are you, 10?

  2. Greg

    This game looks like it could have been really fun. The artwork has a cute style that is very unusual. Too bad it got canceled :(.

  3. coalar

    One can only hope they pick it back up when the economy heals a bit.

    Looks as though it would have been fun…

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