The Last Story [Beta – Wii]

The Last Story is a RPG developed by Mistwalker and AQ Interactive, published for the Wii in 2011 (Japan) and 2012 (Europe / America. During the development the game had a different storyline and it was known as “Last World“, with a more futuristic theme, settings and weapons. As we can see in the concept arts below, the combat system was also much different, while in the 2 beta screenshots we can notice a missing wooden door and an early version of the castle courtyard.

Hironobu Sakaguchi talked about this beta version in an interview published in a French magazine. Here’s  a translation thanks to Youloute:

I would much rather have used my original script, which in my opinion was much better. For example, at the beginning of the game, the heroin was blind and had tears of blood streaming down his face … Nintendo doesn’t want it. That said, I am grateful for the financial support they provided (laughs).

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Fossil Fighters Champions [Beta – DS]

Fossil Fighters Champions is an RPG for the Nintendo DS, published by Nintendo. It takes the “monster battling” approach to extinct creatures, and has players waging battles against each other using monsters based off of dinosaurs and other paleolithic beasts. In order to find these creatures, however, they must dig up and clean fossils in order to revive them into “vivosaurs.” It is the sequel to 2009’s Fossil Fighters, and includes numerous new features, such as a tweaked battle system, new types of Fossil Rocks to clean, improved graphics and music, and, of course, a multitude of new monsters.

The game underwent numerous beta changes from when it was originally announced in Japanese, to when it was first announced in English, to its English release.

-The original Japanese trailer for the game shows a large birdlike animal inside a giant Fossil Rock. No fossil like this exists in the final game, though whether it was a cut species or a new type of fossil for an older species is unclear.
-Several battle animations differ from their final forms.
-The overworld model for Fossil Rocks dug out of the ground is different; it’s lumpier and more darkly-colored than its final version.
-The game was originally announced in English as “Super Fossil Fighters,” mirroring its Japanese name, Super Kaiseki Horida. The English trailer below shows the original logo.
-The English trailer shows the player battling Joe Wildwest much earlier than he can be fought in-game. In addition, he uses a team different from his one in-game.

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Japanese Trailer:

English Trailer:


Runelords [GBC – Cancelled]

Runelords is a cancelled RPG that was in development in 1999 / 2000 by Saffire and it would have been published by Kemco for the GameBoy Color. The game was based on the fantasy book series with the same name, created by David Farland. In the universe of The Runelords, there exists a unique magical system which relies on the existence of distinct bodily attributes, such as brawn, grace, and wit. The game would have been a traditional turn based RPG, but it seems that the gameplay was not much fun. As we can read on IGN:

When we played the game at E3, we weren’t too excited by the sluggish and laborious RPG play. The game has a 3/4 view (like Mission Impossible) for the action, but just lagged in conversations, in movement, in battle, and elsewhere.

It’s possible that the publisher decided to cancel this project for quality reasons.

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King’s Field / Crystal Dragon (Japan Version) [Beta – PSX]

King’s Field is a dungeon crawler created by From Software and released in 1994 for Playstation. It was never published in the West.

From this early screenshot, taken from Edge issue 11, we can see that originally the game was called Crystal Dragon:

crystal dragon king's field beta

Another beta pic, shown below, probably taken from a more advanced build, was published in a issue of Console Mania, an italian magazine.

king's field betaIf you have any more info about this game, please let us know! 

Katana [XBOX – Concept]

Katana is the WIP project name of a cancelled game that was pitched for the Xbox in 2002, by Tosym Corporation (?). In january 2009 a government agent has accidentally leaked several gigs of personal, business and government files: between those files, there was also the Katana game proposal. The project was probably cancelled in early development, with only few concepts done.

As we can read on Kotaku:

[…] the Japanese bureaucrat opened several well-known trojans that are often embedded in files found in filesharing programs Winny or Share, which upload and distribute files to uploaders specified by the virus. […]

Dubbed Katana, the leaked Xbox game submission was never made and was a proposal submitted back in 2002 under a company the agent previously ran. The proposed game is cringe worthy Final Fantasy-esque RPG stuff, complete with some hooky story involving nine stories, 100-player online multiplayer duel, and the possibility of having Janne Darc, Jack the Ripper, Ned Kelly, Musashi Miyamoto and Bruce Lee battle each other.