Final Fantasy Type-0 (Agito XIII) [Beta – PSP]

Final Fantasy Type-0 (Agito XIII) [Beta – PSP]

As we can read on Wikipedia, Final Fantasy Type-0 is an RPG published by Square Enix for the PSP and developed by the company’s 1st Production Department. The game was originally announced at E3 2006 with the name Final Fantasy Agito XIII for mobile cellphones, but even though the game no longer has “XIII” in its title, the final PSP game still uses the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology.

Thanks to Dreams and anony we can archive some beta screens, videos and info from Final Fantasy Type 0: there are 14 playable characters in the final game, with a couple of non playable guests.

The pic above show kurasame, type 0 teacher as playable character. It seems that the guest plus one more were supposed to be playable in the beta version, even supposed to have their own dogde animations, but most likely cut for space problems, as type 0 is already packed with a lot of content. So, through hacking, it shows kurasame, Joker, Gilgamesh (not playable only has the name).

In the gamefaqs forum we can read that there is a FF Type 0 Artbook that has some unused content in it. Does anyone have some scans of the beta / unused content? Plus somewhere in the web there is art/model of phoenix as an unused summon (but we can’t find it).

In the released game, modders have found 3D models for summons that don’t appear in the game: Pandemona, Phoenix and Typhoon. There is also a hidden unused video which has live actors doing motion capture for the game. It’s not used in the game, and it has a blue overlay with three kanji, the first meaning “temporary”. It also has mono audio, unlike all other videos in the game.

If you notice more differences in the old beta screens and videos below, please let us know! Thanks to Dreams and anony for the contribution :)

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6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Type-0 (Agito XIII) [Beta – PSP]

  1. Patterose

    I got the artbook with the rare edition of type-0 and there is some unused monster artwork, but i’m prety sure you can find them on the web ;w;

      1. PatteRose


        Sorry i forgot to check the comment back. Do you still need them? I can send them tomoroW on the fb group. TWT

  2. Anony

    Hi Again!
    You forgot one unused playable character Tonberry. Here is the proof:

    I found Tonberry and Joker picture for unused from the first link from this page on gamefaqs, just scroll down to middle there links for pictures containing Tonberry, Kurasame and Joker stats. The second link for gamefaqs is not working.

    I found some unused content for summons. It bummer that that these summon weren’t added to HD Port. It would of been awesome to have them playable.

    Phoenix Artwork:

    The three summon 3d models at your service.

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