Pairuappu Machi (Pile Up March) [PSX – Cancelled]

Pairuappu Machi (Pile Up March) [PSX – Cancelled]

Pairuappu Machi (aka Pile Up March) is a cancelled strategy game set in a fantasy world, that was in development  in 1995 by Proceed Yuni for the original Playstation. We dont know much about this project or its developer / publisher, but Celine was able to find a short article about the game in GameFan magazine 3-10.  It’s currently unknown why Pairuappu Machi was never released.


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4 thoughts on “Pairuappu Machi (Pile Up March) [PSX – Cancelled]

  1. Anonymous

    The few Japanese websites that list it call it ぱいあっぷ・まーち Paiappu Maachi (with no “ru” in it).

  2. Anonymous

    “that was in development in 1995 by Yuni (?) and it would have been published by Proshidoyuni (?) ”

    Proshidoyuni is transliterated as Proceed Yuni (in that article picture, no less), so there is no separate “yuni” developer.

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