Banjo Pilot [GBA – Beta]

Banjo-Pilot is a handheld racer developed by Rare Ltd. and published by THQ in 2005. Originally, Nintendo announced it as Diddy Kong Pilot in 2001. When they sold their share of Rare Ltd. to Microsoft (2002), they opted out of their publishing contract. As the Donkey Kong IP is a property of Nintendo, they could no longer release the game in this state.

In late 2003, THQ decided to publish the four Rare GBA titles, including Diddy Kong Pilot – now reskinned with Banjo characters. By this time, most members of the original team had either left the company or been moved onto Xbox titles. Reskinning Diddy Kong Pilot was now the task for the remaining members of the handheld team who thought it would be easier to make a game from scratch. A voxel based racing title was  developed, which can be seen in our gallery. After five months (mid 2004), however, the team was asked to stop working on this version. Instead, they were meant to revive and finish the previous team’s Mode 7 game for Q3 2004, but without the tilt sensor which was announced for Diddy Kong Plot. In 2005, Banjo-Pilot finally saw a release.

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Mountain Sports [SNES – Cancelled]

Mountain Sports (also known as Rocky Mountain Sports) is a cancelled action / sport game that was in development by DTMC for the Super Nintendo, in 1993. The player would have been able to try different activities as mountain climing, kayaking and ATV racing. It’s currently unknown how the game would have progressed or why it was cancelled. You can read some more info at SNES Central! A screenshot of the game was found in Banzzai magazine issue 14.

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12 Volt [PS2/XBOX/GC – Cancelled]

12 Volt is an arcade racing game that was in development by Sproing in 2003 / 2004 for the Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube. The game was set in slot-car tracks and players would have been able to race their models in houses and gardens. 12 Volt looked like a mix between Re-Volt and another cancelled Nintendo 64 game, Mini Racers: it’s unknown why Sproing never released this project or how much it was completed before being canned.

Some more info can be read in the original press release:

The cars can move freely on the track, they are not bound to a specific lane or slot like conventional slot cars are! This way the game combines the look of a die-cast-racer with the feeling of a full-physics arcade rally game!

Highly realistic physics enable the player to activate toys and tools that work as weapons against other players. Imagine plunging through a heap full of marbles crashing at you in a world that really looks and feels like a childhood dream-come-true. Special magnetic rails even allow you to hook on to the inner side of hairpins and drive through them at full speed!

A GBA version was planned (and cancelled) too, but they did not even show any screens from this portable version.

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Heavy Machinery [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

Heavy Machinery is a cancelled racing / car combat game that was in development by Scavenger for the Sega 32X. The project started as a game called Nitro Wreaks, that was meant to be published for the Mega Drive / Genesis, but after some time the team decided to move it to the 32X. As we can read at the 32X Memorial Site:

According to a magazine preview of a nearly complete test version, the game was to consist of nine missions through many types of locales, weather, and road conditions. Enemy vehicles would attack you and attempt to block your path, while helicopters and planes fired on you from above. Your mission was to destroy as many enemies as possible with your weaponry, as well as make it to the next checkpoint within the required time. Hazards and power-ups littered your path, creating an obstacle course that was said to really effect the gameplay.

Even if it was almost finished, Heavy Machinery was never released, probably because of the failure of the 32X add-on.

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Propaganda [Playstation, Saturn – Cancelled]

Propaganda is a cancelled mission-based racing game that was in development at Burst for Sega Saturn and the original Playstation in 1996 / 1997 and it would have been published by Virgin Interactive. The gameplay was going to be somehow similar to the Driver series, in which the player could have been able to explore the city with a car to complete various tasks. It’s currently unknown why the project was canned and only few screens were found in GamePro #92.

We can read more about the game in its original press release:

The world of Propaganda is perfect for the standard game story. In an alternate universe where Eastern Europe never really lost power, you play an ex-military loner, Jack Heller, who has been pulled into a rebellion against an evil government.

The film clips depicting this tale contain sets, costumes and acting (including an impressive performance by Yancy Butler of Drop Zone fame) that are worthy of a feature length film. Special effects have also been produced in a more traditional fashion – when the script called for a huge explosion tearing through a warehouse, the crew set up an actual explosion with a 20 foot jet of flame rather than use computer modeling which would have been easier, but looked less realistic.

And what about the game? After all, no amount of video, no matter how impressive, will keep players entertained if the actual play is terrible. Here also, Propaganda seems to shine. Although it’s far too early to make a final call, even at this stage of development, the game looks great. Finished stages revolve around player piloting armed cars through a 3-D world in which they have complete freedom.

Enemy cars loaded to the brim with amazing retro-tech weapons like wheeled torpedoes and side mounted guns are everywhere. Each of the game’s cities offers different challenges and more confusing pathways that the player will need to sort out in order to survive. Even better, the design team has gone to amazing lengths to blend the video footage with the game, creating a unified look that will be absolutely absorbing.

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