1080° Snowboarding [N64 – Beta]


1080° Snowboarding is a snowboard racing game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 in 1998. 1080°’s release was announced on November 21, 1997 at Nintendo’s SpaceWorld trade show;  the game’s working title was then Vertical Edge Snowboarding. 1080° was programmed by Englishmen Giles Goddard and Colin Reed, developed and published by Nintendo, and produced by Shigeru Miyamoto. Goddard and Reed had previously programmed Wave Race 64. [Info from Wikipedia]

In these early screens we can notice that the HUD was changed and that the character models where still not finished. I’m not sure, but it could also be possible that those maps on the right of the screen could be slightly different from the final track-design.

Beta Version:


Final Version:




Kirby Air Ride [N64 – Unreleased]


Kirby Air Ride (known as Kirby’s Air Ride at the time) was originally in development during the early days of the Nintendo 64. It went through many changes during its elongated development period (it looked like a snowboard game for some time and rumors say that this proto could have somehow evolved into 1080°) before eventually being canceled and then resurfacing on the GameCube in the form of a short video preview in March 2003 at the annual DICE summit in Las Vegas. We’ll never know how the various N64 versions could have been played, but the GameCube version is probably similar to the latest concept that Nintendo created for the N64.

italian_flag.jpg [spoiler /Clicca qui per la versione in Italiano/ /Nascondi la versione in Italiano/]Lui è kirby, è una cosa rotonda e rosa, vola e mangia i nemici, è il protagonista di platform, picchiaduro, flipper e probabilmente altro ancora, ed allora perchè non farlo diventare una star delle corse? è questo probabilmente quello che i ragazzi della HAL hanno pensato mentre ideavano questo Kirby Air Ride. Probabilmente, cosi come l’idea era arrivata, è stata cancellata per N64, per poi venire riesumata su GameCube. Voci dicono che le basi del gioco furono in seguito riprese per costruire 1080° Snowboarding.[/spoiler]




Rev Limit [N64 – Cancelled]

Rev Limit is a cancelled arcade racing game similar to Ridge Racer, that was in development in 1996 / 1997 by Seta Corporation for the Nintendo 64 DD as one of the early titles announced for the console. The game was postponed many times and it was even “downgraded” from the 64DD to a “normal” N64 game, but in the end Rev Limit was never released. It seems that a playable version of Rev Limit should exist for the Seta arcade board named “Aleck 64”, based on the Nintendo 64 hardware.

Rev Limit was one of the most hyped N64 games, and the fact that it was cancelled makes it one of the most fashinating unseen projects for the 64bit console. We’ll never know if it was really fun to play or it was just another crappy racing game.

Thanks to D-vide and Celine for some of the contributions!




Wave Race Ultra 64 [Prototype]

Wave race is one of the most interesting beta for the nintendo 64, because they changed completely the original concept. In fact,The Shoshinkai 95 build, that we can see in the screenshots in this page, featured motor boats instead of jet skies, unlike the original wave race for the gameboy. The track design is very early, even though we can see some resemblances with the final versions, such as the stage with the houses that looks like a beta of the secret track of Venice.

The number of competitors was greater, perhaps because the advanced physics of the sea had not yet been implemented in its entirety and thus the engine allowed more polygonal models on the screen at the same time. Of course, the main gameplay (pass on the side of the buoys) wasn’t created yet, but the motorbots were capable of real-time morphing, as you can see in the video linked in this page. At E3 1996 Nintendo finally presented the version of the game that we all played all these years

[English translation by yota]

italian_flag.jpg [spoiler /Clicca qui per la versione in Italiano/ /Nascondi la versione in Italiano/]

>Wave race 64 è una della beta più interessanti per gli appassionati, visto che si tratta uno dei titoli per Nintendo 64 che hanno subito più cambiamenti rispetto al concept originale. La versione presentata allo Shoshinkai 95, infatti, come potete vedere dagli screenshots presenti in questa pagina, utlizzava motoscafi piuttosto che jet-sky, a differenza dell’originale Wave Race per Game Boy. Il track design era inevitabilmente diverso, sebbene si possano notare elementi riutilizzati nel titolo definitivo, come il percorso con le case che sembra una beta del track segreto di Venezia.

Anche il numero di concorrenti era superiore, forse perchè l’avanzata fisica del mare non era ancora stata implementata nella sua totalità e permetteva un quantitativo di modelli poligonali maggiore. Non sono poi ovviamente ancora presenti le caratteristiche più interessanti di Wave race, come le boe da seguire, le varie evoluzioni con i personaggi, o anche solo l’intensa sponsorizzazione di diversi brand, che rappresenta qualcosa di decisamente inusuale per Nintendo 64. All’e3 1996, a poche settimane dal lancio del Nintendo 64, venne comunque presentata la versione definitiva, quella che abbiamo giocato e apprezzato in tutti questi anni[/spoiler]




Carnivale [N64 – Cancelled]

Carnivale is an animated film which because of its particular style and its lack of success, had only a limited release in certain European countries in 2000. A game based on this film was in development by Vatical Entertainment for the Nintendo 64 and it was even shown with an incomplete build at E3 1999, but the project was later cancelled.

The game plot would have follow the story of the film: a group of kids stuck in an amusement park in another dimension, along with a strange woman that never ages. The graphic had the same style of the film, a simplified design that was well suited for the limited 3D capacity of the N64.

The 128-megabit Carnivale 64 was supposed to have 3 modes of play. The first option included a classic Adventure Mode, with 5 scenarios available (or at least that was the number of the areas completed before the cancellation), including a ghost train and a rat-infested sewer trip. The player was able to explore the weird amusement park with the help of many available power-ups, playing several mini-games with platform / shooter sections – among them “test your strength” machines, a duck shooting gallery with ascending and descending obstacles, and a Punch & Judy show. The player would have to collect a certain amount of coins to access new locations and mini-games.

For those looking for a more immediate fun, in the second mode we would have been able to directly play all the mini-games, probably after unlocking them in the adventure mode. A “Racing Mode” was planned too, in which to race against the computer or in 2-player mode with a friend, complete with Mario Kart-style weapons.

Sadly Carnivale’s development team, Terraglyph, was being reorganized at that time and many employees were fired and the game vanished without traces until May 2009, when a playable prototype was found by NesWorld. You can read an interesting article on the game in here!