1080° Avalance / White Storm [GC – Beta]

Sometime in 1999, it was confirmed that a sequel to 1080° Snowboarding was coming to the Nintendo 64. Rather than Nintendo handling development of the game, they passed development on to second-party studio Left Field. When the game failed to materialise, it was confirmed that the game was no longer being produced for the N64, but for the Nintendo GameCube. Not long after this announcement, it was also confirmed that Left Field was revoking its status as a second-party studio so it could develop multi-format titles.

Development of the game was handed to Nintendo’s American development studio, Nintendo Software Technology Corporation (NST). They originally planned to call this game 1080°: White Storm, before finally renaming this game 1080°: Avalanche. It is assumed that the game was completely rewritten by NST, but it’s possible that some elements of Left Field’s work remains. – [info from wikipedia]

The early screens and video show at least 2 different beta of the game, in which the character design and the graphic were different from the final version.




Cars [GC – Tech Demo]

This tech demo was shown at the Space World 2000, along with other GameCube tech demos (as the Perfect Dark and Banjo Threeie ones), just to have a look at the graphic power of the new Nintendo console. This was probably never meant to be a complete game, but just a bunch of 3D cars to let people know that there would have been racing games for the GameCube with this kind of graphic details.




Mario Kart: Super Circuit [GBA – Beta]


When it was first shown, Mario Kart for the Gameboy Advance looked a bit different than the final version. If you take a look a these beta images, the characters had bigger heads and smaller karts. Also it seems that the tracks had some differences in the details and in the course design, as we can see in the images and the video below.

Mattrizzle of The Cutting Room Floor discovered that there are a few unused tracks still in the final game’s data. Most of them appear to be Super Mario Kart’s battle courses, which means that they were probably at one point planned to be in the game along with the Super Mario Kart tracks. Unfortunately, the starting positions in each of the battle courses don’t exist, so the starting points default to position 0,0.

Thanks to Mario125 and Goomther for the contribution!



The unused tracks:

Wave Race [GC – Space World 2000 Tech Demo]


Wave Race: Blue Storm is a jet ski racing game released as a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube on November 18, 2001. It was a sequel to the 1996 Nintendo 64 game Wave Race 64 and was developed by Nintendo-owned development studio, NST. [Infos from Wikipedia]

When the new Wave Race project for the Gamecube was first shown at the Space World 2000, Nintendo presented a small tech demo with a different graphic style than the one used in the final game, more similar to the Nintendo 64 version. Probably this was just an early concept for the title and the final character design was still undecided.

Also, as noticed by Rusko Star, if you look in the booklet in the released game or in the old videos you can see that Serena had a ponytail in the beta version!