1080° Avalance / White Storm [GC – Beta]

1080° Avalance / White Storm [GC – Beta]

Sometime in 1999, it was confirmed that a sequel to 1080° Snowboarding was coming to the Nintendo 64. Rather than Nintendo handling development of the game, they passed development on to second-party studio Left Field. When the game failed to materialise, it was confirmed that the game was no longer being produced for the N64, but for the Nintendo GameCube. Not long after this announcement, it was also confirmed that Left Field was revoking its status as a second-party studio so it could develop multi-format titles.

Development of the game was handed to Nintendo’s American development studio, Nintendo Software Technology Corporation (NST). They originally planned to call this game 1080°: White Storm, before finally renaming this game 1080°: Avalanche. It is assumed that the game was completely rewritten by NST, but it’s possible that some elements of Left Field’s work remains. – [info from wikipedia]

The early screens and video show at least 2 different beta of the game, in which the character design and the graphic were different from the final version.



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2 thoughts on “1080° Avalance / White Storm [GC – Beta]

  1. KuronoToriga

    I have video footage of this and other beta games (I don’t remember their titles) on a GC disc entitled “Zelda: Master Quest” (Apparently, a GC release disc, if you bought the GC/Wind Waker starters pack, or something. I got the disc used at Gamestop a few years back). The graphics look so different from the final release that you couldn’t have even told it was the same game. The character’s faces looked like Playstation graphics (AKA: Crappy graphics!). If you need to see anything from it, just ask me! However, my computer drive cannot read GC discs! Sorry!

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