gran turismo

Gran Turismo 5 Development Images

These images give us a peak at the new Mercedes-Benz C63 in development, virtually confirming it for the next game.  We’ve also got our first look at Gran Turismo 5’s Tsukuba circuit through the windshield of the new BMW Z4 M Coupe, a wireframe model of the Nissan 370Z’s guage cluster, a Maserati Spyder undergoing sound testing, and two other currently unknown vehicles.  Less revealing images show the hard-working and seemingly cluttered atmosphere of the offices, providing an intimate look at what it’s like to work on the GT series.


Cars [GC – Tech Demo]

This tech demo was shown at the Space World 2000, along with other GameCube tech demos (as the Perfect Dark and Banjo Threeie ones), just to have a look at the graphic power of the new Nintendo console. This was probably never meant to be a complete game, but just a bunch of 3D cars to let people know that there would have been racing games for the GameCube with this kind of graphic details.