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Shadow of Atlantis [Sega CD / 32X – Cancelled]

Shadow of Atlantis (also known as Nautilus) is a point and click adventure game that was originally in development for the Sega CD and after many delays, it was ported to the 32X, but in the end it was never released. The project was based on characters and situations from Jules Verne’s classic novels, 20000 Leagues under the Sea and Mysterious Island. Shadow of Atlantis was designed and produced by Eric Quakenbush, a game designer that worked with Sega on many other games, as the cancelled Virtua Hamster. There were even some plans to port Shadow of the Atlantis to the Saturn, but as we can read at Sega16, “Sega eventually scrapped the concept altoghter sometime in 1997”.

Also, in ActionPackedVideo‘s Youtube Channel we can see some more videos from the project. As we can read in one of the descriptions:

This was the result of a skunk-works project that I put together with the Sega Multimedia Lab staff that were idle after we shipped Jurassic Park Sega-CD game. The demo got the game a green light and I was promoted to the producer group but it never shipped. Eventually the salary for all those idle workers was billed to my project so you are looking at about $70,000 worth of demo!

Eric Quakenbush designed and produced this CD adventure game which featured live action sequences as well as many intriguing puzzles.

Unfortunately Sega discontinued the Sega CD platform before production could be completed.

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Sex ‘n’ Drugs ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll [PC – Cancelled]

Sex ‘n’ Drugs ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll was going to be an ambitious point and click adventure game that was in development by Sensible Software for the PC, from 1994 to 1998. The main character would have been Nigel Staniforth Smythe, a wannabe Rockstar that had to play gigs and deal drugs, to rise money to pay a debt with some thugs.

Initially the project was been signed by Warner International Entertainment and later by GT Software, but for various technical and controversial problems the game had to be cancelled in the end. In an interesting article on EuroGamer, Sensible Software co-founder Jon Hare talks about the game and why it was cancelled:

It was designed as a Leisure Suit Larry-style point-and-click adventure game about the singer Nigel Staniforth Smythe. Nigel had borrowed 2,000 pounds off of some Hell’s Angels to buy himself a beaten-up old van so that he could go touring with his trashy rock band. […]

Drugs were quite a problem for Nigel as he had seven separate drug habits – all of which needed to be supported simultaneously. These drugs were core to the gameplay as speed made the game speed up, heroin made the game slow down, acid made him see things that weren’t there and cocaine made him talk s***, etc. – all great gameplay mechanics. The other little problem for Nigel was that the Hell’s Angels were quite keen on getting their money back. In fact, Nigel only had two weeks left before they lost their patience and came round to his house to kick the s*** out of him – GAME OVER. […]

Various changes happened to the game plot in 1995. At Warner’s behest, we got rid of the pimping angle in the game and also his total reliance on his seven drug habits. His drug-taking had now become recreational rather than dependent. How trendy.

[…] the game was to include 150 characters – all of whom were earmarked for 3D modelling, and this would later become a serious reason for the problems that later ensued – not just for SDR, but for all of the games signed under the new Warner deal. […]

However, the programming side of the game was starting to reveal some serious problems. We had been careless in our selection of lead programmer and now his incompetence was starting to show.[…]

We decided to make some serious changes. Firstly, the game was reduced to a more realistic 24 locations and we slimmed it down to four discs rather than 16. Crucially, we also got rid of our lead programmer and replaced him with a new guy from the Bitmap Brothers. He was good, but we had already lost a year on the programming, and the game was still not at all playable.

The other major change to take place in 1997 was the publisher. Warner had decided to bow out of the games business and sold its publishing arm to GT Interactive. Unfortunately for us, GT Interactive was backed by the people behind Walmart, which is run by the strictest most down-the-line bible belt Americans that you could ever wish to meet. What happened next we should have seen coming from the moment the ink dried on the Warner/GT agreement. Let us just say that an 18+ game about snorting cocaine and shagging girls in cars was not GT’s idea of family value.

GT really started to turn the screw on us by refusing to pay us anything […]

But this was not an easy sell by any stretch of the imagination, even if people did like the little that we could show them. No one could see how this offensive game could find it’s way onto the shelves in the US – this was before GTA, remember.

So, despite the fact that 90 per cent of the script, 80 per cent of the sound and 75 per cent of the art was complete, the programming was still only 50 per cent complete. […]

Jon Hare has also released online the original SnDnRnR soundtrack and it can be downloaded from here. Huge props to Hare for sharing all these informations on his cancelled game!

Thanks a lot to Robert Seddon for the contribution!




Flower, Sun & Rain [PS2 – Beta / Concept]


Flower, Sun, and Rain is a game developed by Goichi Suda and Grasshopper Manufacture: the game was originally released in Japan on the PlayStation 2  in 2001 with an enhanced Nintendo DS port that was released in Japan / Europe in 2008 and it’s scheduled to be released in USA in June 2009. FSR is  one of the weirdest, crazier, nonsensical and wonderful adventure games  ever, with a story that it’s like a mix between a David Lynch film, an episode of Lost and your favourite (or worst) mathematical problems from elementary school. You know, the usual Suda 51 storytelling style that we all love.

In early target renders / concept arts from the PS2 version we can see some interesting beta differences:

  • Sumio used a different kind of car.
  • Kusabi (the girl) never shows herself in a car-scene like this one.
  • The characters have a weird design, different from the final version.
  • There’s an unknown scene with 2 characters (Yoshimitsu Koshimizu and Remy Fawzil) that was never used in the final game. Also, the place does not look like any know area. In this picture the HUD looks like the one from the Silver Case games.
  • In general, these target renders dont look like the final game.

Thanks to Topdrunkee for the contribution!


Chinese Detective [Saturn – Cancelled?]

Celine has found a screenshot and a little description from a misterious Saturn adventure game, that was know as “Chinese Detective”: we cant find any more informations about this title and it could have been cancelled, or maybe released with a different name. Do you have any clue?

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!

Update: this game was really released for the Saturn as “WanChai Connection“, you can find the final boxart and some infos at Segagaga Domain. Thanks a lot to Yakumo for the information!




Rebellion [Saturn – Cancelled]

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A prototype of Rebellion Saturn was released by www.oldergames.com as part of Lost & Found Volume #1

Thanks to Linlhutz for the contribution!


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