Hachi Koi [DS – Cancelled]

Hachi Koi [DS – Cancelled]

Hachi Koi is a cancelled “love simulator” that was in development by Electronic Arts for the DS in the Japanese market. The game was announced in 2008, but in december 2009 Famitsu reported that the project will never be released.  From Adria Sang’s blog we can read more about Hachi Koi’s “plot”

Players learn from the death god that they’re going to die on their next birthday, which happens to be one month away. There’s only one way to avoid this fate: fall in love and make someone fall in love with you.

Thanks to Saga Darvulia for the contribution!



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13 thoughts on “Hachi Koi [DS – Cancelled]

  1. Avacado!

    I don’t think there’s any way in hell this game would have been released in North America or at least the United States if it WAS finished, the way it looks here, unless Nintendo of America’s Standards and Practices went all CENSORED FOR YOUR PROTECTION on it.

    Also, there would have been a girl with some extra meat on her bones. Awesome.

    1. monokoma Post author

      The official site is still online, but as far as i know the cancellation is official too. We can just wait and see if it could be released in the future!

  2. Stephen

    In a Youtube Video The Description Said It Was Erotic Thats Why I Think It Did Not Make It. If They Didnt Make It That Kind Of Game It Might have Stood a Better Chance But I Dont Think Nintendo Like The

  3. Cubivore10

    Just as well. I don’t think we need people falling in love with anime characters. There’s already a lot of that going on. We need not feed the fire.

  4. Makubeku

    btw, i just read that the last news was on oct 1st of 2009 nnot even a year D: maby it will revive!? D:

  5. Daisuke

    If find it moronic to have this game cancelled!! I can’t understand why, maybe if they rated this game MA and had the eroticness in text rather then show nuditity then this game WOULD stand a chance. Then, an anime would have been made the rest would be history!

    I think for an anime it should go back to the old style of Harem/ ecchi something like Negima or Love Hina. Mixing old with new but keeping in the comedy genre.

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