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Gumshoe [PC / XBOX – Cancelled]

Gumshoe is an adventure game that was in development by Hiding Buffalo in 2002 / 2003 for the PC and the original XBOX. As we can read in the original press release:

The concept for the game along with a working prototype were created as Hiding Buffalo’s entry in the 2002 Dare to be Digital competition, which challenges groups of students to create a new and original piece of digital content. Entries are judged by a panel of industry experts on their originality and commercial potential. Gumshoe was chosen by a majority of the judges thanks to it’s unusual concept, naturalistic dialogue system and innovative gameplay and episodic approach.

In the end, they never found a publisher interested in the project and so Gumshoe was cancelled. It’s interesting to notice that Hiding Buffalo did released a flash version of the game in 2006, even if it looked much different from the PC and Xbox version.


Alien vs Predator: Nightmare on Ryushi [PC – Cancelled?]

Alien vs Predator: Nightmare on Ryushi is a point & click adventure game based on the Aliens VS Predator series, that was going to be published for MS-DOS PCs by Activision in 1993, but in the end it seems that the project got cancelled. As we can read from the AVP Galaxy Forum, even fans of the series are not sure about the release of this title, but as not one knew about it before finding an old Activision catalog, it’s almost sure that Nightmare on Ryushi was canned:

When I was done obsessing over the intricacies of the labyrinth of Zork, I noticed a small catalog of Activision titles to be released in 1993 among which was the drool-inducing “Alien vs Predator:Nightmare on Ryushi” (and yes it is Alien, not Aliens).

It appears to be a point and click first person adventure title for MS-DOS with excellent graphics. It also looks like the first AvP game to allow the user to play as all three species in independent campaigns!!

After an intense an stressful search of the InterWebs, I came up with absolutely no trace of this game ever having existed!! It is even absent from AvPGalaxy’s list of cancelled titles!

If you know someone that worked on this game or could have more info about its development and cancellation, please let us know!

Thanks to Unclejun for the contribution!


Zoiks! (Pandemonium) [PC – Cancelled]

Zoiks! (aka Pandemonium) is a cancelled point and click adventure that was in development by Ocean Software’s Tribe team, featuring a cast of classic Hanna Barbera cartoon characters,  including Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred Flintstone, Penelope Pitstop, Huckleberry Hound and Snagglepuss.

As we can read from the ECTS 1997 press release, in the game’s story Dick Dastardly used a sound machine to rob the Hanna Barbera world of the sounds that bring it alive. Through cunning detection techniques, Fred Flintstone had to trace the devilish Dastardly and put a stop to his mischief.

Tribe, Ocean’s in-house development team, have successfully combined traditional animation techniques with the latest video and graphic technology to bring the world of Hanna Barbera to life. The beautiful animations in Zoiks! allow for maximum interaction and are works of art in themselves. Add to this a stunning ‘surround sound’ soundtrack and speech recorded by the original cartoon cast and the result is a cartoon experience that you can truly interact with.

Zoiks! uses sound in a way no other game has before. Players learn by trial and error how certain sounds affect certain objects and characters, giving them clues to help them track down Dastardly. This format allows younger players to learn intuitively as they play without patronising more experienced gamers.

The game was meant to be published by Infogrames in 1997, but something went wrong during the development and Zoiks! was never released in the end. A little article on the game was published in Edge issue 32.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!



Hachi Koi [DS – Cancelled]

Hachi Koi is a cancelled “love simulator” that was in development by Electronic Arts for the DS in the Japanese market. The game was announced in 2008, but in december 2009 Famitsu reported that the project will never be released.  From Adria Sang’s blog we can read more about Hachi Koi’s “plot”

Players learn from the death god that they’re going to die on their next birthday, which happens to be one month away. There’s only one way to avoid this fate: fall in love and make someone fall in love with you.

Thanks to Saga Darvulia for the contribution!




Leisure Suit Larry 8 [PC – Cancelled]

Leisure Suit Larry 8, tentatively subtitled Lust in Space (as well as “Explores Uranus” in some references), was a computer game part of the Leisure Suit Larry series, which was in early development in 1998. Only some very early test stuff was being done while Al Lowe waited for the project to be approved, but in the end funding was cut and the project cancelled.  Shortly afterwards, Sierra’s adventure games department was disbanded and Al Lowe left Sierra on February 22, 1999. Like the canned Space Quest sequel, Larry 8 was to be in full 3D, but no more than a few test renders now survive.

The full title of the game, as well as its teaser, was referenced in Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! triggered with an easter egg after completing the game. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Thanks to Celine and Frank Cifaldi for the contribution!