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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney [DS – Beta / Unused Sprites]

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a Capcom adventure game following the story of new defense attorney Phoenix Wright, who takes on many murder trials and proves his clients to be not guilty.

Found on the official Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney site, Capcom posted beta screenshots before the game was released. Two of those screenshots contain content not seen in the game. One of those was the “Cross Examination” screenshot. In the game, Phoenix Wright and the prosecutor will lock eyes, and there will be a close up of them. In the screenshot, the sprites for Phoenix Wright and the prosecutor, in this case Miles Edgeworth, shows. The other screenshot was when the witness is pressed. Instead of the bottom screen still showing the “forward” sprite, the screen shows Phoenix Wright extending his arm at the witness.

Additionally, there are three sets of sprites not seen in the game, but found in the coding, posted by fan site courtrecords.net. One is Phoenix Wright with hearts over his eyes, which presumably is when the defendant “April May” shows. The probable reason this was removed was because the two meet before the trial. The other is a forward facing Miles Edgeworth showing his surprised face, which only is seen from the side in the game. The last is Larry Butz creating a weird face where he sticks out of tongue.  

Curlys Adventure [PC – Cancelled]

Curlys Adventure is a cancelled point and click adventure that was in development by Sylum, under the supervision of Epic MegaGames (now called Epic Games) in 1995. Sadly in 1997, Sylum parted with Epic and the project was canned. Only a couple of screenshots remain in the gallery below, to remember the project.

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Check out Epic Mega Games’ website of Curly’s Adventure for more info and screen shots Here



Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party [N-Gage – Cancelled]

Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party is a cancelled point and click adventure that was in development in 2004 by  TKO Software and it would have been published by Vivendi Universal for the ill-fated N-gage. The game was going to be the first original mobile title in the Leisure Suit Larry series, but it was never finished, probably because of the failure of the Nokia console / phone.

As we can read in Wikipedia, in Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party, players would have been able to explore a college campus, while solving puzzles and engaging in risque activities. As they search for the ultimate good time (having sex), gamers bump into Rosie Palmer, the head cheerleader at Larry’s college and he is determined to do anything to be with her.

In addition to single-player gameplay, there were four different turn-based multiplayer mini-games. The game was supposed to be a big title for the N-Gage due to its raunchy language and humor, and also for the cell-shaded graphic, a brand new feature for the N-Gage.

It seems that Leisure Suit Larry N-Gage was developed twice: there are two completely full versions of the game. One that was deemed too raunchy and another that was redesigned by TKO-Dallas from the ground up. So to recap….there are TWO full, complete working versions of Pocket Party in Alpha form.

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The 4th Unit: Merry Go Round [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled]

The 4th Unit is a series of “point and click” graphic adventures published by Data West in Japan for CD-Rom PCs and Fujitsu FM-TOWNS. It seems that athe sixth chapter called “Merry Go Raund” was also planned for the Sega Mega CD, but it was never released for some reasons. Thanks to Myfishbone we were able to save a promo page about the cancelled Mega CD version, a translation of the main plot and a list of the developers!



Full Throttle 2: Payback [PC PS2 – Cancelled]

Full Throttle: Payback (aka Full Throttle 2) is a cancelled action adventure game that was in development in 2000 by LucasArts, planned to be released for PC and with a rumored Playstation 2 port. As we can read in Wikipedia, the game would have been an official sequel to continue the storyline of the original Full Throttle. Since Tim Schafer had already left the company at the time, Larry Ahern, who was involved in the original game’s development, was appointed the project lead and Bill Tiller, the art director.

At the early stages, the project received positive feedback from other LucasArts employees but according to Tiller, it eventually fell apart because of disagreements on the game style between the productive team and “a particularly influential person” within the management, which lead to a series of “mistakes”. The production ceased in November 2000, when 25% of the levels and about 40% of the preproduction art were complete. Both Ahern and Tiller left LucasArts in 2001, after Payback was canceled.

From Retro Gamer #62 we can read some more info of Payback from Larry Ahern, who designed ‘a version of it that never got off the drawing board before [he] quit, and the bloody remains of it were handed over to another team’. Some of it we already knew from the Classic Adventure Gaming article.

The villain was a Senator with an anti-biker agenda, pushing to replace the worn-out highways with new, biker-unfriendly hover lanes. The game also featured Ben’s estranged weasel-of-a-brother, who was mixed up in one of the Senator’s shady operations, and a more central lead for Father Torque. Maureen had a cameo, but the female lead was a reporter who covers Ben after his subsequent fame for the alleged murder of Malcolm Corley. We had some fun new biker gangs also, like the Dragons, who sported flamethrowers on the handlebars of their bikes, and the Leeches, a gang in rocket-powered side-cars that cruise the highways jumping from vehicle to vehicle and attaching to them to syphon fuel.

Some time later LucasArts decided to start the development on the even more action-heavy Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels, that was also cancelled in the end.

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