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Specs (Tim Schafer’s Kinect Adventure) [Xbox 360 – Prototype]

Over the last few years Double Fine has released some fantastic games. But it looks like one of the more interesting games did not see the light of day. The game, called “Specs” was going to be an interactive Kinect adventure that features a strange variation of the good / bad mechanic. Your two hands controlled you decisions. Your left hand controlled “hate” while your right hand controlled “love”.

It seems there were also other different emotions as well such as fear and trust. Holding your hand over objects in the environment would change the way the story progressed depending on what hand you used.

Sadly the game was only really a test of what the Kinect could do, and will probably never be released to the public. Information of this game was also very hard to come by, which is why I have only been able to fin d a limited number of pictures and a small amount of relevant information on Kotaku:

“Specs were to tell the story of a cursed, sentient artifact, which was the persona, that controller that gets passed on from character to character. In the video above, you’ll see an early prototype where only the emotions of love and hate were implemented followed by a later one where gestural input makes more emotional prompts available.”

Post by Liam