Dinotopia 2 [GBA – Prototype]

Dinotopia 2 [GBA – Prototype]

Dinotopia is a fictional series of books about an misterious island inhabited by shipwrecked humans and sentient dinosaurs who have learned to coexist peacefully as a single symbiotic society. [Info from Wikipedia] Various games based on the Dinotopia world have been produced through the years and in 2002 RFX Interactive developed Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates, a side-scrolling platform / action game for the GBA, published by TDK Mediactive.

Dinotopia for the Gameboy Advance was a commercial success for TDK, so they decided to create a new game based on the same scenario, but this time as a “point and click” adventure (similar to Broken Sword). A prototype was developed by RFX, but in 2003 TDK had to close down and it was acquired by Take-Two Interactive. Without their publisher, RFX Interactive was not able to continue the development of this new Dinotopia point and click adventure.

Only few screens and pixels remain in the gallery below, to preserve its existence.

Thanks to Hally for the contribution!


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2 thoughts on “Dinotopia 2 [GBA – Prototype]

  1. William Powell

    It’s too bad that this Dinotopia game was not made and only exists as a prototype of what could have been a game.

    I played Dinotopia: Timestone Pirates on a Game Boy Advance emulator and liked it though that one metal one that became a dinosaur, and make to a metal thing, drove me nuts. There were a few other bosses that were hard but after taking a break from it for awhile I was able to finish it.

    If someone made a ROM out of what was done with Dinotopia 2 whether it was completed or just a prototype phase, I would definitely play it for sure.

    Too bad it never was released!

    1. KGRAMR

      Does anybody know if a .ROM of this exists? I would like to play it. Maybe Piko Interactive could snag up the source code & rights to finish this game for the GBA at last. Maybe JoshProd could also snag it as well…

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