Shadow of Atlantis [Sega CD / 32X – Cancelled]

Shadow of Atlantis [Sega CD / 32X – Cancelled]

Shadow of Atlantis (also known as Nautilus) is a point and click adventure game that was originally in development for the Sega CD and after many delays, it was ported to the 32X, but in the end it was never released. The project was based on characters and situations from Jules Verne’s classic novels, 20000 Leagues under the Sea and Mysterious Island. Shadow of Atlantis was designed and produced by Eric Quakenbush, a game designer that worked with Sega on many other games, as the cancelled Virtua Hamster. There were even some plans to port Shadow of the Atlantis to the Saturn, but as we can read at Sega16, “Sega eventually scrapped the concept altoghter sometime in 1997”.

Also, in ActionPackedVideo‘s Youtube Channel we can see some more videos from the project. As we can read in one of the descriptions:

This was the result of a skunk-works project that I put together with the Sega Multimedia Lab staff that were idle after we shipped Jurassic Park Sega-CD game. The demo got the game a green light and I was promoted to the producer group but it never shipped. Eventually the salary for all those idle workers was billed to my project so you are looking at about $70,000 worth of demo!

Eric Quakenbush designed and produced this CD adventure game which featured live action sequences as well as many intriguing puzzles.

Unfortunately Sega discontinued the Sega CD platform before production could be completed.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution and to Mekanaizer for the video!



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4 thoughts on “Shadow of Atlantis [Sega CD / 32X – Cancelled]

  1. Federico

    E’ un gran peccato che sia stato cancellato, il progetto sembrava davvero interessante.
    Chissà se quelle immagini provengono da una beta.

  2. giuseppe

    ai temi dei temi le riviste del settore mettevano in giro la (falsa) voce che le immagini fossero calcolate in tempo reale…
    questo unito ad un eccessivo hype, sicuramente ha portato alla cancellazione del progetto, che evidentemente non era cosi ben riuscito come gli addetti ai lavori (e al marketing) volevano far credere

  3. Youloute

    The development has started on Sega CD then it was planned to be released on Sega CD 32X, not just 32X. According to Eric Guakenbush, it seems the development has been pretty short and I don’t think that any work has been done with the combination of both Sega CD and 32X, in spite of the release of 3 different cover for this game:
    (the first one has already been posted)

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