Crash Bandicoot: Landed (2010) [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii / DS]

Crash Bandicoot: Landed 2010 is a cancelled game in the Crash Bandicoot series, which wasn’t even officially announced but some info leaked from the people who worked it. These info were soon removed from their websites: Crash 2010 was meant to be a 3d Adventure / Action game in developement by Radical Entertainment. It was cancelled due to layoffs by Activision in February 2010.

Many information were leaked after the cancellation but left unnoticed until August 2010, when they were found by some users in the Crash Mania Forums. There is a short gameplay / cgi footage and also some concept art. Crash Mania members made a petition to make activision continue working on the game but it was unsuccessful, partially due to abuse of the petition (ie. obvious sockpuppetry). A new petition has been started, and has so far not suffered these problems.

Recently, an fx demo was leaked by someone as a demo reel video. The owner of the reel video said that game would not be continued because of Activision. When the fans added the video to Youtube, Activision started removing them but many of these are still available.

Console Game!
Crash Bandicoot 2010 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii)
Design and implementation of character locomotion and weapon/combat using proprietary software
Open World Mission Design
Game Systems Design Documentation
Game Economy
Boss design

Another video with items was found, in which we can see some interesting stuff about the canceled game!

  • Frogzooka [Suck]
  • Boombat [Blow… Away]
  • Glow Top [Stun/Light]
  • Fertilizer Gun [Shoot]
  • Bottle Rocket-Launcher [Ending/Surf]
  • Jet pack
  • Jet ski

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DS Footage (Developed by Renegade Kid):

Pictures video for similar visually done game (CTR 2010):

Also Effects Video in this link: 

Sparkster [Genesis – Beta]

Sparkster is a platform game developed by Konami and released for Genesis in 1994. It is the sequel of the well-known Rocket Knight Adventures.

Below we can see some beta screenshots of the first and the second stage. In particular, originally the background of the wood section of the former was the sea and not the trees found in the final version. Sparkster’s portrait in the HUD was changed too.


Limbo [Xbox 360 – Beta]

Limbo is a puzzle/platform game created by Playdead and released for Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. In a interview at IGN, Arnt Jansen, the designer of  the game, makes some interesting observations about the development of Limbo:

“I think we ditched seventy percent of our ideas,” Jensen said. “Mainly because it looked too much like something else, was too big a cliché.

One thing I noticed in playing through the game is the shift from heavily scripted events in the beginning (e.g. the constant presence of other children, the emergence of the spider, the dashes over collapsing terrain) to a more lonely and puzzle-centric second half of the game. “Maybe I’m picking at a wound,” I told Jensen when I asked if this shift was intentional.

“It’s a big wound,” he said, looking into his lap and smiling to himself. This wasn’t, in fact, the plan.

“I think I was a lot more involved in the first half of it,” Jensen said. “It was before [puzzle designer] Jebbe started doing more of those hardcore puzzles. I think it was much more about feelings and doing small stories. You were supposed to meet the spider in the gravity puzzles. It was just really hard to pull off and we were too small a team to make it. I had some crazy ideas, some big ideas.”

Also,in the screenshots and in the video below we can see the 2006 concept version.



The Big Comfy Couch [XBOX – Cancelled]

Today’s article will be very short, as it is about an unreleased game for the Xbox that, for whatever reason, doesn’t appear to have been documented at all. Considering its subject, this isn’t entirely surprising. Maybe the developers decided it was better that no traces of this game were ever made public!

The game is called The Big Comfy Couch, and was based on the Canadian childrens’ TV show of the same name. The show, featuring Loonette the Clown and her doll, Molly, is all about teaching ethical, and educational, lessons. The two characters solve a different everyday issue in each episode, on their Big Comfy Couch.

Although almost no information can be found on this game (even other main games journalism sites don’t have it listed), we can assume that it would have followed a similar plot to the TV show, tasking children with the solving of various dilemmas. Here at Unseen 64, we have been lucky enough to have three pre-release screenshots of the game shared with us by one of the developers of the game, and these provide some insight into the game’s interface and style. They show that it was a 3D platformer game, with a vibrant game environment and a few different meters visible to the player. One of these was, presumably, health, as one of the screenshots shows a fight between Loonette and several over-sized dustbunnies (perhaps trying to intimidate the key demographic into cleaning up after themselves?).

The picture of the original title screen shows that multiple systems could be linked up, perhaps allowing co-operative or competitive multiplayer modes. With goals like “Pop all the balloons and pinatas!” (visible in one of the screenshots), one can imagine what a blast that could have been.

It is unknown how close this game was to completion, although “not very” is the assumption, due to the lack of information on the game. Perhaps that is all for the better…


Firefly [PSX – Cancelled]

Firefly is a cancelled game that was in development by Pioneer LDC for the Playstation. There are not many info about this project, but a short article published in an old GameFan magazine (4 – 2) in which we can read that Firefly was going to be a mix between a platform, a shoot ’em up and a puzzle game. The description sounds interesting, but sadly Pioneer never released a anything like this on any console.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!