Boo! [SNES/MD – Cancelled]

Boo! is a cancelled platform game that was in development by Micropose for the Super Nintendo, Genesis / Mega Drive and Amiga in 1994. As we can read on the website of Boo!’s producer Stuart Whyte:

Designed by Richard Lemarchand, Boo! was a side on platformer inspired by Sonic and Mario, we wanted to create a universe with the central character being a cool ghost called Boo who’s default method of attack was to shout “Boo!” at an enemy to scare him away. Working with Keith Scoble (from Cosgrove Hall and creator of Jamie and the Magic Torch and Dangermouse) we built a great game… but unfortunately, due to rocky financial times at Microprose, we never had the money to release – so the game has been lost in time

You can find more info and screens in this article by SNES Central!


Wario Land Shake It (Shake Dimension) [Wii – Beta / Unused]

Wario Land: Shake It (aka Wario Land: The Shake Dimension in Europe) is the 5th installment Wario Land Series of platfomr games, developed by Good-Feel and released for the Nintendo Wii in 2008. The gameplay consists most of shaking or flipping the Wii Remote to throw or manage objects. The game has only 6 worlds, but by searching into the game’s code, it was possible to find many stuff that weren’t used in the final version. Probably, Wario Land Shake It could have been be bigger, with more enemies and bosses.

There is a total of  7 Unused enemies. Most of them are completed with fluid animations, configurations and even some effects, while others are still incomplete. You can view the sprites rip by following the Link on the Video Description in the Youtube pages

Unused Enemy Nº1:

Comments by Gabrielwoj

This enemy is similar to the Bandineros, found in most of the stages in the game. This enemy isn’t near for it’s completion. Many sprites are missing, there are some incorrect pixels on the border, and there is many proportions problems.

Unused Enemy Nº2:

This enemy could appear in the sewer in the Mansion levels, or in the Cave levels. This is a very well done enemy. There are plenty of animations, functions, attacks. This enemy could be tough to beat if was used in the game.

Unused Enemy Nº3:

This enemy could appear in Desert levels, or the Train levels. This very well done enemy, could probably have an intelligent AI, probably would very similar to the Boo’s in the Mario Series, or the enemies in the Flying Ship from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Unused Enemy Nº4:

This is obvious that would appear in the Water levels. His animations are very strange, and it’s really unknown about it. So I ask myself, where are the pearls?

Unused Palette for the Scorpion enemy:

Unused Enemy/Boss Nº5:

Strange enough, this enemy would use models for it’s usage. There is also another recolor on the game files, but isn’t presented in video. As in the sprites, it could be a boss that comes from the background and tries to attack Wario, that is my theory.

Unused Enemy/Boss Nº6:

Donkey Kong Country Returns Beach boss probably got the idea from this unused boss. Simple, 3 enemies standing like a pillar, doing crazy stuff. As in Donkey Kong Country Returns, the same thing happens. This enemy has a LOT of animations, there is lots of details and configurations for it. But sadly, this was unused.

Unused Enemy Nº7:

Probably, this guy would be on the most craziest stages in the game. Probably, it would be really nuts jumps and platforms. Okay, heading back. This enemy would probably be a platform enemy, and if Wario stand too much above him, he probably could shrink.

Talking about Unused stuff, there are some objects that was unused in game.

Unused Barrel:

Just, a simple barrel.

Different Gold Bag

A beta version of the Big Gold Bag. There is no marked “G” on his front, just like the small ones.
Fun Fact: In the game box, the Wario is shaking a Big Gold Bag without the “G” mark.

Update: More Unused sprites

Unused Background

Unused Ball, is that would be like Chain Chomp Ball of Yoshi’s Island?

Unused Instruction – The Used one does point up, not directly

ScumFlower/BloomsDay gold pot. Probably would be a easteregg for complete the game 100%, but they might didn’t implemented.

Prototype map?

The file is “floatblock”, probably would be that boat mission (see below) that they didn’t used

Unused Strong Block crack (there is no way to crack this block)

Unused Shake Medal

Unused Shake Block 1

Unused Shake Block 2

Unused Pirate Shop entrance (Notice, this is like the model, I animated with some programs.) This probably would appear when you entered the Pirate Shop, would might be a quickly loading, but probably removed cause the Disc would take few seconds to load

Unused Mechanism Treasure (you probably would need a key, but there is no key in the folder)

Early Treasure Icons, there was also some nice shading effects

There also more unused stuff (and cut content) discovered in the game files. There are many unused missions in this game. Many of them, probably didn’t match with the levels, or other missions was already planned for that level. And a random mission icon shows a Cut Content from the game, analyzing the sprite, the game could have a Boat level. Let’s see the sprites below:

Detailing these:
– This is the only boss that don’t have his icon on the Mission icon.

– Cut Content

– The used coin missions have Gold and Silver coins. But for bronze, there is none

– Unknown

– Placeholder Image

And in the Menu files, there are many unused stuff. There are some menu sprites such as a “X”, is that would lost on a boss and never return? A opened Chest as a sprite? It surely was replaced to the Treasure icons.

And also, an incredible unused treasure (probably, there are more in the game files, you can get 95 treasures, and there are 100 in the game files)
(Alpha Image)

There is a beta thing in the game files. In the last boss battle, Wario would be in the Right Side, not in the Left Side (as in the Final version). The folder is probably used for the E3 conference, because it’s called “DemoWario”.

You can check more unseen differences in our article about Wario Land: Shake It Vs. Wario Land: Shake Dimension


Super Mario 64 2 [N64 – Cancelled]

As we can read on Super Mario Wiki, Super Mario 64 2 is a cancelled sequel to Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, that was planned for the 64 DD expansion by Nintendo but never finished. The game was talked many times in interviews with Miyamoto but it seems that only a early prototype (with a multiplayer mode starring Luigi) was created before they decided to stop the development and just start a new Mario for the GameCube.

It is possible that some concepts of this game were later included in Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario Galaxy. Nintendo never shown any screens from the Mario 64 2 prototype, but we can still hope that they could release some images in one of the “Iwata Talks” articles in the future.

Some old interviews with Miyamoto that talks about Mario 64 2:

We’re in the middle of preparing Mario 64-2 for release on the 64DD. I’d like to take advantage of the 64DD’s ability to store information. As of now, Luigi’s also a full part of the game, but we haven’t started thinking about 2-player gameplay with Mario and Luigi yet. We’ll tackle that once we’ve got the system ironed out—we’ve figured out the processing power issues, so we could do it if we tried. How many Luigi fans do you suppose there are? (Editing department replies: “Quite a lot.”) If Luigi’s really that popular, maybe I’ll made a green box for Mario 64-2. (laughs)

Thanks to Parker for the contribution!


Joe & Mac [MegaDrive Genesis – Beta / Cancelled?]

Joe & Mac is a platform game originally released in 1991 for the arcades by Data East. It was later ported for various consoles, as the SNES and Mega Drive / Genesis. Rod_Wod sent us some screens from a version of Joe & Mac for the Mega Drive / Genesis that seems to be different from the released one (a simple port of the Arcade version).

For example the background of this boss from the magazine scan:

Looks different from the one in the final game:

Could those screens in the magazine be from a beta version, or a different / cancelled Joe & Mac? We have not finished the final game, so we are not sure. If you have finished Joe & Mac and recognize those images, please let us know!

Thanks to Rod_Wod for the contribution!