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Gauntlet [DS – Cancelled]

Gauntlet DS is the cancelled chapter of the popular hack and slash series, that was in development at Backbone Entertainment and it would have been published by Eidos Interactive / Midway Games. The game should have been released in October 2008, but after its initial announcement, the project vanished from their release list. There’s not any official statement, but it’s possible that Gauntlet DS was canned for economic reasons.

The bankruptcy of Midway Games, owners of the Gauntlet license, could be one of the reasons behind the game’s death. The game would have had local wireless and online four-player mode, 40 maps, and voice chat capabilities. We really hope that in the future a playable version of this game could be leaked and preserved, it looked like an awesome coop-game!




Shade: Wrath of Angels [Beta – PC / Xbox]

Shade: Wrath of Angels is an action game for the PC and Xbox, developed by Black Element Software and published in 2004 by Cenega. Shade: Wrath of Angels’s working title was Nefandus and development Started in 1997 as isometric shooter based on Quake2 engine. The project was to be released by freeware, but distributors got attenttion, orginal concept was changed to 3rd person shooter with new storyline and title changed to Shade: Wrath of Angels. Game was finished in 2003, but developers didn’t fell they could succeed with the game concept and development started once again as hack’n’slash action with free moving camera, 1st person view and 2nd playable character the Servant, Mequon physics and DirectX 9 features added, story was brand new and final game released fall 2004 had nothing to do with previos version. Final game was to be ported to orginal Xbox and Nokia Ngage phone, but that never happened.

Final game was about saving main characters brother trough present, medieval, Egypt and Shadowland, but that has nothing to do with previous builds.

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Videos (Beta Version):

Videos (final version):

The Bard’s Tale [PS2 XBOX PC – Unused Stuff]

The Bard’s Tale is an action adventure developed by InXile Entertainment, and released in 2004 for the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC. DCodes7 found a way to activate the debug menu in the PS2 port. Most of the debug functions are disabled and the only working functions are the level/area select and level load option. Thanks to the debug menu it’s possible to reach three unused yet complete areas that can be played. Some names of removed (?) test maps were also found:

  • TM_Anntest
  • TM_Grass
  • TM_Obtest
  • TM_PatsMap
  • TM_Prop
  • TM_Interior



Dragon Sword 64: finally shared and preserved!

Created by Team Storm at Interactive Studios (the creators of Glover N64), Dragon Sword is a cancelled hack and slash game (similar to Gauntlet Legends) that was in development in 1997 / 1998 for the Nintendo 64. Sadly, this game was never finished because of some issues with the publisher.

Dragon Sword 64 was in danger to be lost and forgotten forever, but thanks to an anonymous collector, a playable beta was shared online and now  the community can help to preserve it.

If you loved Gauntlet Legends on the Nintendo 64 in multiplayer, probably you are going to have fun with Dragon Sword too. Before playing this beta, please keep in mind that it’s an unfinished, unreleased Nintendo 64 game that was in development more than 12 years ago.

Obviously it has lots of bugs and we still miss some of the planned content, but for what it is, Dragon Sword is a nice game, especially if you can play it in coop with a friend.

The Dragon Sword beta can be found in this nice online archive.

If you can find a way to load the 3 lost levels, to find a debug menù or interesting content still hidden in the game’s code, please let us know!

Read more about the game in our Dragon Sword 64 Archive or check the video below for a preview of the 7 available levels:


Guy Savage (MGS3) [PS2 – Cancelled?]

As we can read at Metal Gear Wikia, Guy Savage is the name of an easter-egg mini game that can be found in Metal Gear Solid 3. This mini-game was directed by Shuyo Murata (MGS3 writer) as stated in the credits. Guy Savage is a basic hack-n-slash game where the player encounters a vast amount of enemies, and must press the attack buttons repeatedly to defeat them.

While there’s not an official statement, rumors say that Guy Savage was supposed to be a Konami game in development, that was later cancelled. The playable demo that was created as an internal pitch for the project was added in MGS3 just for fun.

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