Gauntlet [DS – Cancelled]

Gauntlet [DS – Cancelled]

Gauntlet DS is the cancelled chapter of the popular hack and slash series, that was in development at Backbone Entertainment and it would have been published by Eidos Interactive / Midway Games. The game should have been released in October 2008, but after its initial announcement, the project vanished from their release list. There’s not any official statement, but it’s possible that Gauntlet DS was canned for economic reasons.

The bankruptcy of Midway Games, owners of the Gauntlet license, could be one of the reasons behind the game’s death. The game would have had local wireless and online four-player mode, 40 maps, and voice chat capabilities. We really hope that in the future a playable version of this game could be leaked and preserved, it looked like an awesome coop-game!



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9 thoughts on “Gauntlet [DS – Cancelled]

  1. Anonymous

    This game was finished and submitted to Nintendo for final approval, that’s where I played it, so there is a full done version somewhere, just waiting to be leaked.

  2. Daniel Suguwa

    Hello Monokuma, I don’t know if you will even read this message, but the ROM for North America and Europe were announced to be completely dumped on Christmas 2013 on a forum site (via Assembler Games, now only accessible with Internet Archive): However, if you’re interested on playing it (presumed 100% complete build), here’s the North America version: Here’s the European version:

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