River Raid [SNES – Cancelled]

River Raid: The Mission of No Return (aka River Raid 3) is a cancelled shoot ’em up for the Super Nintendo, based on the original River Raid released in 1982 by Activision for the Atari 2600. The game was going to be published by Activision but it was later cancelled and only few screens remain preserved in the gallery below. Celine was able to find some of these images in Banzzai magazine #14 and Super Power #13.

The source code of River Raid SNES was found in 2001 by an user of the Atari Age forum:

I can tell you, that what I have of River Raid SNES, is mainly a source code dump from August of ’93. You’d have to recompile it in order to view it. I had one of my programmers do so just we could figure out what exactly we have on the floppy.

Some other info were found by Zwackery from the Atari Age Forum, in VideoGames magazine (vol. V, no. 11, Nov 1993). As we can read from the VGM article, “River Raid: The Mission of No Return”  was shown at the summer CES  1991 in Chicago, along with the cancelled Kaboom:  The Mad Bomber Returns.

It seems that “both got killed because the developers couldn’t push the SNES boundaires with either one” as noted by Klove in the Atari Age Forum.


Apocalypse [PSX – Beta]

Apocalypse is an action game / third person shooter released for the PlayStation in 1998. The game was initially developed by Activision Santa Monica, but the team had some problems in fulfilling their original concept, that was seen as “too ambitious” for the PSX hardware. Apocalypse was doomed, but as Activision paid Bruce Willis a lot to have his likeness and voice in the game, they decided to  dismiss their Santa Monica Studio and hire Neversoft Entertainment to finish the project.

Neversoft was able to complete the Apocalypse project, but the original concept was changed into a more linear shooter. As we can read at the Playstation Museum, initially Bruce Willis was meant to be a sidekick to the main character, but when focus testing revealed that people wanted to play as Bruce, he became the main protagonist.

In the gallery below you can see some of the beta builds with different characters and levels. Some images (a 10% complete build?) were found by Celine in GamePro #90 while other screens and footage were preserved by the Playstation Museum.




Armed (Aftermath) [PSX/Saturn – Cancelled]

Armed (also known as Aftermath) is a cancelled side-scrolling beat ’em up / action game that was in development by Interplay / Point of View  / Activision (?) for the original Playstation and Saturn.  The game could have been released under a different name but looking at the few screens preserved in the gallery below, it does not look like any other Activision / Interplay game published on the PSX or Saturn.

Thanks to Celine and Rod_Wod for the contribution! (some scan from Cd Consoles magazine issue #19)


Video @ 2:44: