Trail Blazer (Death Track) [GameBoy – Cancelled]

Trail Blazer (Death Track) [GameBoy – Cancelled]

TrailBlazers, aka Death Track is a canceled and unreleased game being developed by Argonaut for the GameBoy. It’s currently unknown why this got canceled and unreleased. It was being licensed by Activision, but developed by the famous Argonaut Games, hence it being in wireframe 3D. This game takes a 3rd person approach to the track, and only offers one camera setting.  An interesting note is the combat elements in the game and the upgrade system before each race. You can purchase engine upgrades, homing missiles, oil slicks, mines, and the like. While in race, you can press select to rotate through your defenses, and press up on the D-Pad to deploy them. It feels like if the game had seen a release, it would have pushed the GB to it’s limits, as only Argonaut knew how to do.
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Thanks to Celine we can see a screenshot of Trail Blazer, found in Joypad magazine issue #8.



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One thought on “Trail Blazer (Death Track) [GameBoy – Cancelled]

  1. Jorma Rysky

    Found this from Steven Dunns (Dunn was programmer of GB version of Days of Thunder) webpage. It seems it was meant to be car combat game.

    Trailblazers (Argonaut) 1991

    Original 3D car racing game with purchase options and weapons.

    Gameboy128K cartridge

    Assignments: Programming, Design & Artwork (Cut down Z 80 – Assembly)

    Objectives Achieved: Solid 3D drawing, 3D cars, 3D horizon.

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