Trail Blazer [GB – Cancelled?]

Trail Blazer [GB – Cancelled?]

Trail Blazer is a racing game that was in development by Activision for the original GameBoy. It seems that this project was cancelled, as it does not appear in any list of games published by Activision on the GB, but it’s still possible that it was released under a different title. The game had a first person view of the track, with a “3D Wireframe” graphic approach.

Thanks to Celine we can see a screenshot of Trail Blazer, found in Joypad magazine issue #8. If you recognize this game, please let us know!


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6 thoughts on “Trail Blazer [GB – Cancelled?]

  1. Matt

    Well Activision only ever actually released like 5 Gameboy games in there time and this wasn’t one so I doubt it was released under another name.

  2. Celine

    Nah it doesn’t look like a Stunt Car Racer port thematically.
    There is even a skull!

    If you are interested in similar kind of game for gameboy there is Race Drivin’ port coded by Argonaut Software.

  3. Stranno

    Gameboy already have a first person view wireframe rendering POV

    Days of Thunder

    And its not that bad, but not as advanced like this Trail Blazer

  4. Jorma Rysky

    Found this from Steven Dunns (Dunn was programmer of GB version of Days of Thunder) webpage. It seems it was meant to be car combat game.

    Trailblazers (Argonaut) 1991

    Original 3D car racing game with purchase options and weapons.

    Gameboy128K cartridge

    Assignments: Programming, Design & Artwork (Cut down Z 80 – Assembly)

    Objectives Achieved: Solid 3D drawing, 3D cars, 3D horizon.

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