New Cancelled Games & Their Lost Media Added to the Archive

Unseen64 Forum

The Unseen64 Forum is not your traditional gaming forum. It is a place where you can research, analyze, and discuss all the changes and cuts from gaming development. In our forum, you will not find many topics about the latest gaming-news, there will not be any ultra-fast-replies or many fanboys pushing for their favorite console based solely on sales numbers. However, you will find many devoted beta-geeks, as they ask, answer, search, and examine the fascinating world of gaming archaeology. Oh, and there will be a lot of crazy, lazy Italians that write in a really funny engrish, too. Keep this in mind before entering the forum. If there is a bit of nonsensical craziness in you, too, then you are welcome to join the little Unseen64 family! Enjoy the forum and keep digging for what is Unseen!

We created the Unseen 64 Community Forum with FB Group, to work together to search for beta and cancelled videogames, to discuss about them and to get in contact with other unseen games fans. You are free to join and post new discussions, ask for help to other unseen games fans to find and share more info, screens and videos.. what we’ll be able to achieve? We are waiting for you :)

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