Pollen Sonata [Wii – Prototype]

Pollen Sonata [Wii – Prototype]


Pollen Sonata is a game prototype created by 10 students from the danish academy of digitial interactive entertainment (DADIU). It was created in may 2007 using Valve’s source engine […] They worked a few months on trying to get the project to Nintendo Wii, but those plans have been put aside for good. Pollen Sonata will never become a finished game, and the team members has gone away to other projects.”








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One thought on “Pollen Sonata [Wii – Prototype]

  1. Roth

    I’ll always remember Pollen Sonata. Unfortunate that they weren’t able to finish it. I did get to play it on PC when the news of its cancellation was still new. I may want to revisit it someday to just experience it again in modern ways.

    I’ve played many other HL/HL2/Source Engine mods that defy genres, and aren’t just the usual first-person shooter. It’s crazy what people are able to do with the right tools and mindset.

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