New Cancelled Games & Their Lost Media Added to the Archive

Tears [PC – Cancelled]

Tears was cancelled RPG game being made by czech Visiongame in 1995. It was planned with 3D isometric view in a medieval setting.
Goal of the game was to make a revolution in your kingdom and become king. Developers made promises about high AI of characters in the game, and about many items to use. Each of game characters will be living daily life routines. Game was planned with many different endings.
Promises was made about high quality rendered animations and CD quality soundtrack.

Adventures of Captain Wrongel (Action Forms) [PC – Cancelled]

Ukrainian studio Action Forms, known for such projects as Chasm: The Rift, Vivisector: Beast Within and Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason, in 2005 released Treasure Island, based on the 1988 cartoon of the same name.
The project was warmly received, despite the very short duration and the feeling that it was more of a Demo. And no wonder: the developers primarily wanted to transfer the cartoon itself to PC monitors, and they succeeded. Some time later, the studio wanted to do the same with another cartoon – Adventures of Captain Wrongel.

The plot was not to be repeated from the original. The developers also, as in Treasure Island, intended to tell their own story. Along with the yacht “Beda” and the already familiar Captain Wrongel, XO Lom and Sailor Fuchs, the game was to feature other, entirely new characters. The genre also changed: now it was no longer a 2D platformer, but a full 3D quest.
The journey itself began in Holland and passed through Europe, Africa and even Antarctica. The game boasted a variety of situations from yacht races, puzzles, and other mini-games to memorable humorous scenes.

Unfortunately, during the development there were problems, the game was announced in 2006, but the postponement pushed the release date to 2009, after that the project was over.
There are also rumors that in 2011, the studio also wanted to make a game based on the cartoon “Mowgli” (1973), but they could not, because the company was taken over by Tatem Games. There are almost no materials on the network on the project, so the information can not be confirmed for sure.


Intervention (Cryo) [PC – Cancelled] UPDATE : Released as Deo Gratias

UPDATE : Looks like this game was released after all under name Deo Gratias on PC.

Thanks to Red for mentioning it in comments.

French game studio Cryo Interactive is known for many great games including Dune, Atlantis or Millenium. Intervention was planned as a strategy game. Such genre was at that time (1997) very popular.

Intervention was planned with a bit different game mechanic. There was no gold, oil or valuable minerals to harvest and there was no conquering of enemy land. It was all about gods and worshipping. You are playing as a god and your first goal was to create universe, stars and planets. Planets could be changed to meet your ideas and plans. Creating animals and plants and then humans. Then you need to take care of people living there and when they dont worship you enough , you can release an earthquake or plague. Amount of you god like status is important and definws your skill level in game. When you are strong enough with many worshippers behind, you can attack another gods. Multiplayer was planned through internet and using LAN. It was planned to be able to play with as many as 100 players on internet, something very ambicious for that time.

It is not known to me why it was cancelled, and only a few screens and one video exists on the web.
If you know about any other materials or info about this game please let us know.

Ferrari Project (10Tacle Studios) [PC,Xbox 360,PS3 – Cancelled]

In 2007 Blimey! Games planned racing game with license from Ferrari on all of their cars for 10Tacle Studios. Development team was composed from skilled veterans that worked on games like GTR from SimBin and Richard Burns Rally. Few screenshots are still preserved but not much info could be found about this planned game. Screens looks very good for that time and show a promise of a true next gen racing.