Super Smash Bros Brawl: Beta Fighters

Super Smash Bros Brawl: Beta Fighters

ENG: Through hacking Super Smash Bros Brawl, you can find some unused character-files. These could be either fighters or just models for other fighters. In the files you could find Mewtwo, Roy, Toon Zelda (which could turn into Tetra.) Dr. Mario, Dixie Kong and Pra & Mai (which many believe to be Plusle & Minun, two Pokemon from the third generation). Plusle & Minun are believed to have worked the same way as the Ice Climbers.

Sve: Genom att hacka Super Smash Bros Brawl, så kan du hitta några oanvända filer med karaktärer i dem. Dessa kunde vara riktiga karaktärer eller just modeller för andra karaktärer. I filerna kan man hitta Mewtwo, Roy, Toon Zelda (som kunde förvandlas till Toon Sheik, och likadant som Baby Daisy i Mario Kart Wii, hade aldrig varit i ett spel förut), Dr. Mario, Dixie Kong och Pra & Mai (som spekuleras ha varit Plusle & Minun, som är två Pokemons från tredje generationen). Plusle & Minun skulle ha funkat som Ice Climbers tror man.

ALSO!! it should be noted that in the beta version (as seen in certain files) brawl chars originally took battle damage, like swords breaking and clothes being torn, etc. etc.

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3 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Brawl: Beta Fighters

  1. 8PM

    Okay,in every other super smash brothers game there has been a debug with the names of all characters ACTURATELY NAMED.
    If their names are in brawl(which I have tested and seen) then they where characters that were originally meant to be in the game.
    Of course there are exceptions but,for the most part,these names are accurate and based on what you “asumption” makers know……they very well could be real/imaginary.
    But if there is a majority of people that know that they were supposed to be in the game then….they most likely ARE!!!!!

  2. Zero7

    \effect\fighter\ef_captain.pac, size:92832 off:2A8ED4A0
    \effect\fighter\ef_dedede.pac, size:166720 off:2A903F40
    \effect\fighter\ef_diddy.pac, size:81824 off:2A92CA80
    \effect\fighter\ef_dixie.pac, size:128 off:2A940A20
    \effect\fighter\ef_donkey.pac, size:76832 off:2A940AA0
    \effect\fighter\ef_dr_mario.pac, size:128 off:2A9536C0
    \effect\fighter\ef_falco.pac, size:300992 off:2A953740
    \effect\fighter\ef_fox.pac, size:302016 off:2A99CF00
    \effect\fighter\ef_gamewatch.pac, size:128 off:2A9E6AC0
    \effect\fighter\ef_ganon.pac, size:62464 off:2A9E6B40
    \effect\fighter\ef_gkoopa.pac, size:128 off:2A9F5F40
    \effect\fighter\ef_ike.pac, size:134464 off:2A9F5FC0
    \effect\fighter\ef_kirby.pac, size:159168 off:2AA16D00
    \effect\fighter\ef_koopa.pac, size:105120 off:2AA3DAC0
    \effect\fighter\ef_link.pac, size:218496 off:2AA57560
    \effect\fighter\ef_lucario.pac, size:153696 off:2AA8CAE0
    \effect\fighter\ef_lucas.pac, size:243616 off:2AAB2340
    \effect\fighter\ef_luigi.pac, size:18016 off:2AAEDAE0
    \effect\fighter\ef_mario.pac, size:71584 off:2AAF2140
    \effect\fighter\ef_marth.pac, size:105728 off:2AB038E0
    \effect\fighter\ef_metaknight.pac, size:302720 off:2AB1D5E0
    \effect\fighter\ef_mewtwo.pac, size:128 off:2AB67460
    \effect\fighter\ef_nana.pac, size:128 off:2AB674E0
    \effect\fighter\ef_ness.pac, size:240832 off:2AB67560
    \effect\fighter\ef_peach.pac, size:113280 off:2ABA2220
    \effect\fighter\ef_pikachu.pac, size:94208 off:2ABBDCA0
    \effect\fighter\ef_pikmin.pac, size:172384 off:2ABD4CA0
    \effect\fighter\ef_pit.pac, size:242496 off:2ABFEE00
    \effect\fighter\ef_pokefushigisou.pac, size:144864 off:2AC3A140
    \effect\fighter\ef_pokelizardon.pac, size:80224 off:2AC5D720
    \effect\fighter\ef_poketrainer.pac, size:64672 off:2AC71080
    \effect\fighter\ef_pokezenigame.pac, size:64256 off:2AC80D20
    \effect\fighter\ef_popo.pac, size:54816 off:2AC90820
    \effect\fighter\ef_pra_mai.pac, size:128 off:2AC9DE40
    \effect\fighter\ef_purin.pac, size:106720 off:2AC9DEC0
    \effect\fighter\ef_robot.pac, size:305120 off:2ACB7FA0
    \effect\fighter\ef_roy.pac, size:128 off:2AD02780
    \effect\fighter\ef_samus.pac, size:102688 off:2AD02800
    \effect\fighter\ef_sheik.pac, size:128 off:2AD1B920
    \effect\fighter\ef_snake.pac, size:195904 off:2AD1B9A0
    \effect\fighter\ef_sonic.pac, size:239232 off:2AD4B6E0
    \effect\fighter\ef_szerosuit.pac, size:133280 off:2AD85D60
    \effect\fighter\ef_toonlink.pac, size:102048 off:2ADA6600
    \effect\fighter\ef_toon_sheik.pac, size:128 off:2ADBF4A0
    \effect\fighter\ef_toon_zelda.pac, size:128 off:2ADBF520
    \effect\fighter\ef_wario.pac, size:78464 off:2ADBF5A0
    \effect\fighter\ef_warioman.pac, size:128 off:2ADD2820
    \effect\fighter\ef_wolf.pac, size:108160 off:2ADD28A0
    \effect\fighter\ef_yoshi.pac, size:92640 off:2ADECF20
    \effect\fighter\ef_zakoball.pac, size:128 off:2AE03900
    \effect\fighter\ef_zakoboy.pac, size:128 off:2AE03980
    \effect\fighter\ef_zakochild.pac, size:128 off:2AE03A00
    \effect\fighter\ef_zakogirl.pac, size:128 off:2AE03A80
    \effect\fighter\ef_zelda.pac, size:155776 off:2AE03B00

    Jesus, there is your proof, straight from the final iso file of brawl.

    Before you ask, zakos are the enemies for multi man brawl.

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