Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire: more beta infos

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire: more beta infos

If you search in the codes of Ruby & Sapphire, you can find music from Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal). Known pieces include:

  • BGM from Route 38 & 39
  • BGM from Pokemon Communication Center
  • BGM from Generation 2 Saffron City
  • BGM from Crystal’s legendary beasts battles
  • Team Rocket’s Theme

Is unknown why these music tracks were put in it. Maybe it was for being able to go to Johto or even Kanto, or just stand-ins.

There was also two beta Pokemons: Shellos & Gastrodon. If you’ve played Pokemon Diamond/Pearl you sure know which these are, and they were actually going to be included in Ruby & Sapphire. Shellos & Gastrodon though were not supposed to look like they did in Diamond/Pearl. This how they were going to look like:


Shellos‘s beta back sprite


Gastrodon‘s beta back sprite

For more infos: Bulbapedia

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