Silent Hill: Homecoming [Beta – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Silent Hill: Homecoming [Beta – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Silent Hill: Homecoming is the sixth installment in the Silent Hill survival horror video game series, developed by Double Helix Games (AKA Foundation 9 studio + The Collective + Shiny Entertainment). From the pre-released screenshots, we can already see some beta differences between the “final” version and an old “beta” version, like different hair color for the protagonist and a “better” graphic. If you played the final game and notice some more beta differences in the early screens and videos, please let us know! Thanks to Brad for the contribution














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8 thoughts on “Silent Hill: Homecoming [Beta – Xbox 360 / PS3]

  1. cameron

    in the “leaked beta” that i played once, there is a beta woods at the beginning of the game with the travis grady skin there as a hunter that alex helps. also there are more supporting characters in beta that are scrapped in final and you was to be able to explore the silent hill from silent hill 2.

    1. SIlentHiller

      I remember before the game came out someone posted a load of screenshots and artwork of what looked like a very early build of the game, probably pre alpha the graphics looked rough Alex looked different to the final model, he was wearing a grey shirt in the woods, I think I remember seeing an early model of Dr Fitch in the woods too and that unused Travis looking Hunter character. The leaked assets were removed quickly from the forum though but still it was cool to see them. Also the owner of the forum apparently played a version of the game several months before it released, he said there was a female spider like creature in the build he played (you can see the monster design in the back of the Silent Hill: Homecoming guide book) but it was removed in the final game.

        1. SilentHiller

          Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find those screenshots since but what I saw look way different from the final version. To be honest the graphics looked late PS2/early PS3 quality like it was a very early version of the game pre alpha perhaps? Who knows. That guy who owned the Silent Hill website/forum I was talking about he uploaded some short clips from the beta release but they’re not really worth posting the links to though.

          I found some old pre release footage:

          Also here is a ton of scrapped dialogue I can see why they didn’t make it in the final version but it’s still interesting though::

          I hope this was useful.

  2. brad

    hey monokoma on game trailers theres a video called silent hill 5 new gameplay and it has beta gameplay with alex’s original hair style you should see if we can perserve it. just type up silent hill homecoming beta in google and the vid will come up

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