Playstation 3 (PS3)

Pixeljunk Shooter [PS3 – Beta]

Pixeljunk Shooter, is the fourth in a series of games made by Q games for the Sony Playstation 3. Your main goal in the game is to save the scientists that have been sent to investigate a planet, and solve puzzles while doing so.

In a prerelease video, we can see the difference between the unfinished game, and the final release.

To start with, the ship design. You can’t tell to well in the video, but it’s somewhat rounded. In the final version, it looks almost like a yellow fly.

Also, the scientists are colored more yellow in the final version. Here, they’re orange. The final version of the scientists are also more detailed.

Also, the temperature bar is VERY different from the final. The final is more segmented. For that matter, the entire HUD is beta here. There’s no display of how many gems you’ve found, it shows how many lives you have left when in the final there’s no way to tell, and the area that shows the scientists at the bottom right, shows how many are in the current area, and thier current status. Either saved, deceased, or still missing. Also, the  final version of the HUD is sort of a yellow and gold mix, and is designed and arranged slightly differently in the final.

Also to be seen in the video, Are somewhat of a beta version of the bats. They barely look LIKE bats at all in the beta. And also, the doors that bar you from leaving the section you’re in are different in design.

Also beta here, is the “water bomb”. It’s rather large. The final version, is at least HALF the size. This is not to be confused with the sponge however. Water bombs explode with water all over the place upon being dropped. The sponge sucks up water it’s been dropped in, and then releases over time upon being picked up. However, on the subject of the sponge, in the beta, it releases one steady stream of water. in the final, it realeases the water steadily, yes, but in a 5 way spread.

In the beta, the “points” the enemies leave behind are yellow. In the final, they are a deep red orange.

Back to the men in destress again. In the beta, most have a flag. In the final, most don’t. In fact, only 1 per level does. On another note, upon being put under water, the men will begin to swim in the beta. In the final, they just continue to stand there.

And lastly, the enemy life meters are red and white. In the final, they are red with a yellow border. Also, when an enemy dies in the beta, they make the same sound that the standard flying enemies in Pixeljunk Monsters do when they die.




Mortal Kombat 8 [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

As we can read on Kotaku, before Mortal Kombat VS DC another MK game was pitched, but it was never fully developed. You could say that Mortal Kombat 8 was released as MK VS DC, but the original concept for this  new chapter of the MK saga was much different from what we got in the end:

Once again, we pestered Mr. Boon about the scrapped version of Mortal Kombat 8, once described by the long-term Midway dev as being heavily inspired by the look of Gears of War. While that grittier, darker version of MK didn’t make it far beyond the technology development stages — Boon told us there was little in the way of concept art for the grimier spin on the series — […]

In november 2009 an article at Game Set Watch revealed some concept arts that are assumed to be from this cancelled version of Mortal Kombat 8. It’s currently unknown how the gameplay would have evolved from the traditional fighting game, but if it would have followed this “new” style, it could have been something like “Gears of War” with more open arenas than the usual MK ones.


Untitled Croteam FPS [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

Croteam (creators of the Serious Sam series) were working on a new FPS  for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, that could have mixed the fun arcade gameplay of SS with a realistic graphic approach. The project would have been published by GameCock Media Group, but it seems that they decided to cancel it for some economic troubles. This untitled project was build on the Serious Engine 3, but sadly only few screenshots remain.

Thanks to Userdante for the contribution!


Prodigal [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

Prodigal is a cancelled adventure / action game that was in development at Pseudo Interactive in 2007 / 2008 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  The player was going to became Noah Caglionosi, heir of a demon bloodline,  whose mission was to kill his brothers and sisters demons, both on foot and while riding on his car.

From the screenshots and concept arts preserved in the gallery below, it looks like we could have been able to  freely explore Prodigal’s world jumping on buildings and churches with Noah’s psych powers (as it happens in inFamous and Prototype), to  cling to flying demons to reach higher areas and to destroy parts of the city to use the rubbles to kill huge enemies. A friend spirit / demon was going to help Noah in his mission.

The project was promising, but unfortunaly in April 2008 Pseudo Interactive was closed and Prodigal vanished with them. Only an early prototype was completed before the cancellation.

Thanks a lot to Roberto Robert, David Wu, Kay Huang, Heidi Klinck, Albert Alejandro, Bronwen Grimes and all the former Pseudo Interactive artists that helped us to preserve info and media from their lost project!




Divided City [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

Divided City is a cancelled car combat game that was in development at Pseudo Interactive in 2007 / 2008, for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. After Full Auto 2, the team decided to create a new IP to build a different combat game on wheels, this time in a post apocalyptic scenario which involved a plot of “political unrest.” The player would have been able to use various armored vehicles, to fight against huge combat tanks and other mechanical enemies.

The team completed a playable demo of Divided City that looked really good, but sadly in April 2008 it was announced that the company was shutting down. The project was canned with the closure of the studio.

Thanks a lot to Roberto Robert, David Wu, Kay Huang, Heidi Klinck, Albert Alejandro, Bronwen Grimes, Frank Trzcinski and all the former Pseudo Interactive artists that helped us to preserve info and media from their lost project!