Untitled Croteam FPS [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

Croteam (creators of the Serious Sam series) were working on a new FPS  for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, that could have mixed the fun arcade gameplay of SS with a realistic graphic approach. The project would have been published by GameCock Media Group, but it seems that they decided to cancel it for some economic troubles. This untitled project was build on the Serious Engine 3, but sadly only few screenshots remain.

Thanks to Userdante for the contribution!


Serious Sam [PC – Beta]

Serious Sam is a FPS created by the Croatian development team Croteam. originally released for the PC in 2001. My friend Optik found an interesting video from the SS beta in Shadow1665’s Youtube channel, in which we can notice various differences from the final game:

  • Sounds are different from the final
  • High score option in the main menu
  • The Kleers are gold instead of Silver
  • A more Bright looking Coach Gun Model
  • Different jump sound for Sam
  • Rocket Launcher Model
  • Sams Model