Technosaur [PC – Cancelled]

TECHNOSAUR was a cancelled computer game development project that started at Jim’s Restaurant late one night, when four game designers from Origin Systems got together to bitch about work over a cheap (and greasy) dinner. Amid ancient, hacking waitresses, soggy blueberry pancakes, and teenage vamps out way past their bedtimes, the idea of a conflict between the most elite military forces of the modern world and a culture of cybernetic, almost alien humans from Earth’s own future began to take form.

Real-time strategy from an overhead vantage, set in a simulated natural environment where rain would fall at random intervals, day would fade to night, fires would spread through fields and forests, and packs of cybernetically augmented velociraptors would shred anything standing in their way…it all sounded like fun. Exciting ideas made even better by an air of subversion.

Over the next 12 months, the project advanced and the team grew. However, things at the parent company “didn’t work out as planned” and the project was eventually cancelled.

[Contribute by Harvey Smith]


Source: www.planetdeusex.com/witchboy/personalsite/tsaur.htm 

Bonk (Jenjin / Genjiin) RPG [PC Engine – Cancelled]

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Also know as Bonk’s Quest / Bonk’s RPC / Bonk IV RPG / Genjiin RPG

Thanks to Ruha and Celine for the contribute! A couple of screens from the PC Engine Software Bible


Chocobo de Battle [Arcade? – Tech Demo / Unreleased]

Choboco is a chicken-like creature but taller than it, that apeared in many FF in the FF series, such as FFX or X-2. There was a game called Choboco De Battle, developed by official SquareSoft L.A. This was considered a first game that release for Arcade, and a best graphic ever with range of polygon from 8 million to 80 million per second. That because it was used a Sig Onyx 2 workstation. The last time we seen it, is was at Sig 1997, running on a Onyx 2c without a coin-slot, and with a computer CRT screen. The game was cancelled for unknown reason, some rumor said that because they want to focus to the future of home console rather than develop it on a arcade using other technology. Now we wait until someone leak the ROM!

Thanks to tchristian for the description!




Vic Viper [Arcade – Cancelled]

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Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night [Game.com – Cancelled]

A portable version of Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night was in development for the Game.com, the ill-fated handled console created by Tiger Electronics in 1997, but soon the project vanished in the vaporware limbo and it’s unknown how much of the game was really completed before the cancellation. As other Game.com titles (see Resident Evil 2), this Castlevania should have been a “downgraded port” of the Playstation / Saturn Symphony Of The Night, with some evident differences for the limits of the hardware.

Only few screens remain from this project, preserved in the gallery below.