Space Fantasy Zone [PC Engine – Cancelled]

Space Fantasy Zone [PC Engine – Cancelled]

Space Fantasy Zone is a cancelled shoot ’em up planned for the PC-Engine, as a weird mix between the original Fantasy Zone and Space Harrier. The game was in development in 1991 by NEC Avenue, but for some reasons it was never released. A playable version was eventually leaked online so if you are interested to know more about the game, you should be able to easily find it with google.

Thanks to Celine and Guilherme Miranda for the contribution!



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4 thoughts on “Space Fantasy Zone [PC Engine – Cancelled]

  1. Yakumo

    The story is that NEC never had the license to release a Fantasy Zone game, never ming one that was a clear rip off of Space Harrier.

    1. monokoma Post author

      :O I did not know about that, thanks for the info Yakumo! So they developed a game before knowing if they were able to release it… clever!

  2. Yakumo

    That’s the story surrounding the game. What I heard was that NEC developed the game thinking Sega would give them a license but it turns out Sega wasn’t too keen on the idea.

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