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Starship Troopers [PC PSX – Cancelled]

In 1997 / 1998 Spectrum Holobyte was working on an action game based on the Starship Troopers license, that would have been published by Microprose for PC and Playstation, but it was later cancelled. This project was really different from the 2000 released Starship Troopers game, that was instead developed by Blue Tongue. The producer  of the 1998 version was named Simon Finch, who is not in the credits of the 2000 game. In 1996 Microprose / Spectrum Holobyte signed a contract with Sony over the development of several games based on Starship Troopers, but in the end only one was released.

The first in the series of four games is in development under the MicroProse brand for Windows 95 which will be followed by a Sony PlayStation game console version. […]

“As we build our merchandising program for the upcoming theatrical release of Starship Troopers, we felt it would be natural to develop a thrilling multimedia game based on this high action film,” said Scardino. “Through our new relationship with Spectrum Holobyte, we are confident that they will create an innovative game which will appeal to the consumer marketplace.”

As we can read at Economypoint:

Although the [Starship Troopers license] purchase was celebrated at that time of MicroProse as large success, MicroProse drew the enterprise downward. Mismanagement and bad firm politics affected additionally creativity and work of the developers. One had to accept larger losses than before. 1997 were temporarily stabilized the financial situation by high incomes, but they came too late, in order to still save the enterprise. The enterprise was bought up 1998 by Hasbro Interactive, which fired thereafter the flight simulation team already briefly.

It seems that Hasbro decided to cancel Spectrum Holobyte’s Starship Troopers game for economic reasons.

Thanks to derboo for the scans!


Vette: San Francisco Thrills [PSX – Cancelled]

Vette: San Francisco Thrills is a cancelled racing game that was in development by Spectrum HoloByte / MicroProse for the Playstation in 1996. The game was a sequel / remake to the original Vette, a racing title released in 1989 for the PC, developed by Sphere and published by Spectrum Holobyte. As with the original game, the PSX version was set in a digital San Francisco, recreated from the real cartographic data of the city. Only a couple of screenshots remain to preserve this lost project, thanks to Celine that found them in GamePro #85.

Probably the gameplay would had used some of the interesting features from the original Vette, as the presence and interaction of law enforcement, in which you get pulled over and must give an excuse as to your erratic driving and the ability to drive anywhere within the accurately modeled city, including highways, tunnels, and bridges.