Vette: San Francisco Thrills [PSX – Cancelled]

Vette: San Francisco Thrills [PSX – Cancelled]

Vette: San Francisco Thrills is a cancelled racing game that was in development by Spectrum HoloByte / MicroProse for the Playstation in 1996. The game was a sequel / remake to the original Vette, a racing title released in 1989 for the PC, developed by Sphere and published by Spectrum Holobyte. As with the original game, the PSX version was set in a digital San Francisco, recreated from the real cartographic data of the city. Only a couple of screenshots remain to preserve this lost project, thanks to Celine that found them in GamePro #85.

Probably the gameplay would had used some of the interesting features from the original Vette, as the presence and interaction of law enforcement, in which you get pulled over and must give an excuse as to your erratic driving and the ability to drive anywhere within the accurately modeled city, including highways, tunnels, and bridges.


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2 thoughts on “Vette: San Francisco Thrills [PSX – Cancelled]

  1. Rixel

    I have some additional screens and a video from a Microprose Presskit. How would I go about uploading these? I also have some for the Agents of Justice game that they cancelled.

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