Luna Blaze [GBA – Cancelled]


Debuted at Nintendo Space World 2001 and developed by HAL Laboratory, Luna Blaze was an RPG for the Game Boy Advance, originally set to be released in Spring of 2002. Little is known regarding Luna Blaze’s story, only that its protagonists were a boy and a girl who used psychic powers.

What is known regarding Luna Blaze’s gameplay is that it was an RPG in which the player would assemble parties of monsters to fight various opponents. The game may have been similar to Pokemon, as the monsters would level up and could learn over 170 unique attacks. Unique to Luna Blaze is that instead of one-on-one fights as in Pokemon, every monster from either side of the fight would be out in the battle at the same time.

Luna Blaze was one of two cancelled RPG titles being developed by HAL Laboratory at the time, the other being Battland. These games shared some similarities, such as a robust combat system that allowed the player quite a lot of freedom in-game.

Luna Blaze was cancelled several months after being debuted, possibly due to the same reasons that caused Battland’s cancellation, which remain unknown.

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Battland [GBA – Cancelled]


Battland was an action-strategy game developed by HAL Laboratory for the Game Boy Advance, first shown at Nintendo’s Space World 2001 and eventually cancelled in 2002. What was shown of its design suggests that it shared similarities with games such as Fire Emblem.

While there is little information available on this game, it is known that its main focus was action and combat, where victories in battles were less focused on pure strength, with an emphasis instead on strategy and planning. For example, the positions or location of party members in a battle had a large impact on the outcome, allowing weaker characters to beat stronger foes through superior strategy.

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Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire [GBA – Beta / Unused Sprite]


Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire are the third installments of the Pocket Monsters series of RPG, developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 / 2003. In the early screenshots we can see various beta differences:

  • Wynaut is green instead of blue Shroomish has a different sprite

  • more evil looking Sharpedo and different HP font hmm weird tornado

  • female sign should be red

  • different layout of trees different fisher bottom

  • the mart has a red roof and the sign should say mart

  • wow.. never seen a cave that hazy

Also, if you search in the codes of Ruby & Sapphire, you can find music from Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal). There was also two beta Pokemons: Shellos & Gastrodon. If you’ve played Pokemon Diamond/Pearl you sure know which these are, and they were actually going to be included in Ruby & Sapphire. Shellos & Gastrodon though were not supposed to look like they did in Diamond/Pearl. This how they were going to look like:


Shellos’s beta back sprite


Gastrodon’s beta back sprite

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More infos: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire beta hacks


Project Infinity [GBC – Cancelled]


“The time spent searching for publishers closed our near shut window of opportunity for getting Infinity published. It seems very clear now that Infinity will not be published for GBC.

Even after all this time, we still get emails from people wondering what happened to the company or if Infinity will ever be released. Here’s the answer: the team has been disbanded since 2002, and there is a slim possibility that Infinity may one day be released as a ROM file for free on the website. A ROM file would allow the game to be played in emulators or be burned to your own cartridge.

The website continues to exist because our web hosting is essentially free. But make no mistake, Affinix as a game company is not operational. There is no planned date for release of a ROM. Infinity is completely obsolete by today’s standards and we have no plans to sell it, so there is very little incentive to work on the project. Who knows, though, maybe we’ll eventually finish the darn thing.” [Source: www.affinix.com]

For more infos:  Unseen Interviews – Eric Hache from Affinix

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Mytrhi [GBC – Cancelled]


Mythri was an upcoming American-developed, Japanese-style RPG for the Game Boy Advance. Originally for the Game Boy Color, development switched gears after the GBA was released. The game has been in development by Team XKalibur since around 2000

Message from Keith Martineau, Co-Owner of Team XKalibur: “Mythri was officially cancelled at the end of 2005. Team XKalibur has been disbanded, due to lack of resources. Most of our team is now scattered across the games industry working for various companies. Co-Owner Tomm Hulett and myself may one day make a new studio and attempt Mythri again, having learned many lessons from our first attempt at launching an independent games studio. So hopefully everyone who supported us in the early going will get to experience Mythri someday.” [info from Wikipedia]

For more info you can check this interesting ToastyFrog article: The (Almost) Making of Mythri

A playable prototype of the game was released online by a former member of the team in September 2016.

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