Final Fantasy “64” [FF6 CGI Tech Demo]

Final Fantasy “64” [FF6 CGI Tech Demo]


According to SQUARE (Final Fantasy’s Creators), they planned to have their next-gen Final Fantasy on Nintendo’s 64-bit console in early 1996. Different people said that the game would have a simultaneous launch in America and Japan. SQUARE experimented with the CGI capablities of the machine. This famous video often know as “Final Fantasy 64” was not a real game running on the Nintendo 64 hardware, but just a tech demo running on powerful PCs, with three-dimensional characters based on Final Fantasy 6.

English translation by Championman

For more infos on the fight between Square and Nintendo: Square VS Nintendo

italian_flag.jpg [spoiler /Clicca qui per la versione in Italiano/ /Nascondi la versione in Italiano/]Secondo SQUARE, un nuovo capitolo di Final Fantasy sarebbe stato in lavorazione per il Nintendo Ultra 64 già all’inizio del 1996. Voci parlavano di un lancio simultaneo negli Stati Uniti e nel Giappone. Squaresoft per prima cosa ha cominciato provando le potenzialità del nuovo hardware a 64 bit producendo delle demo in CGI (non giravano su vero hardware Nintendo) con alcuni personaggi tridimensionali basati su Final Fantasy 6.

Per maggiori informazioni: Final Fantasy 6/4? Nintendo VS Square [/spoiler]



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8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy “64” [FF6 CGI Tech Demo]

  1. Hydrozor

    Besides Shadow, the other two actually look somewhat like Brian and Princess Flora of Quest 64. Maybe the two Quest characters were inspired from that design?

  2. timelady

    dunno why this has got no play on the net but there actually was a port of ff1 to the n64. sakaguchi mentioned it in an interview in the last year of the old egm. they literally ported it to the system to see how it would play, then scrapped it. no idea if it was in full 3d or just emulated on the n64. peace.

  3. Sam Jones

    In 1995 SquareSoft produced a technical demo known as FFVI: The Interactive CG Game. The demo, shown at the ACM
    SIGGRAPH 95 conference, was intended to show how Square envisaged the next generation of console RPGs and was controlled by a mouse that was used to draw shapes to perform specific attacks. When images from the demo reached the West, some magazines speculated that it was representative of a new Final Fantasy game for N64, which was of course proved to be untrue when Square announced that Final Fantasy VII would debut on the Sony PlayStation.

    Although, the graphical style created a basis for FFVII, The Interactive CG Game was not developed
    further and remains a curio in the Final Fantasy story. Nevertheless, that demo exists on a workstation
    somewhere and we know it’s playable.

  4. Sam Jones

    Ah and the FFVII on N64 Project was cancelled around the 7 March 1996 (Square Press says this). The send the dev kit back and use the ps dev kit. just because of the size. but a good choise.

  5. Dalton Harmon

    I knew at first sight that the characters that were in that screen shot were FFVI characters Locke, Celes and Kage (Shadow), the only real difference was that Celes sort of looked more like terra which might have been based on one the most famous game corrupting glitches where everyone except for terra and celes becomes terra with a celes palette swap

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