Ocean Software

Death Race [Playstation, Saturn – Cancelled]

Death Race is a cancelled 3D racing game developed by Ocean Software for Playstation and Saturn, scheduled for the end of ’96 but that doesn’t seem to ever been released. The game was set in a distant future where the most popular show is Death Race. The game was a mix between the racing part (10 courses were available to challenge violent opposition) and exploration on foot  in a 3D environment.

Scan from Console Plus issue 45.


Offensive (Ocean) [Playstation, Saturn – Cancelled?]

Offensive is a strategy war game that was in development by Ocean Software for the original Playstation and Saturn. It seems that the project was never finished, as it does not appear in any release list of titles published by Ocean, but maybe it could have been released with a different title on a different console or PC. Sadly we dont have any more info about Offensive and only few  screenshots were found in Electronic Gaming Monthly issue #86 and in PlayerOne Magazine issue #62.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Joe The Wall [SNES – Cancelled?]

Joe The Wall is a platform / action game that was in development by Ocean (?) for the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo. There is essentially no information about this project, apart from a short article published in Joypad magazine issue #8 (found by Celine). We examined Ocean’s SNES release list but did not find any title that looks like a potential match to this one, so we can assume that Joe The Wall was cancelled for some reason.

If you have more info on this game, please let us know!

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Zoiks! (Pandemonium) [PC – Cancelled]

Zoiks! (aka Pandemonium) is a cancelled point and click adventure that was in development by Ocean Software’s Tribe team, featuring a cast of classic Hanna Barbera cartoon characters,  including Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred Flintstone, Penelope Pitstop, Huckleberry Hound and Snagglepuss.

As we can read from the ECTS 1997 press release, in the game’s story Dick Dastardly used a sound machine to rob the Hanna Barbera world of the sounds that bring it alive. Through cunning detection techniques, Fred Flintstone had to trace the devilish Dastardly and put a stop to his mischief.

Tribe, Ocean’s in-house development team, have successfully combined traditional animation techniques with the latest video and graphic technology to bring the world of Hanna Barbera to life. The beautiful animations in Zoiks! allow for maximum interaction and are works of art in themselves. Add to this a stunning ‘surround sound’ soundtrack and speech recorded by the original cartoon cast and the result is a cartoon experience that you can truly interact with.

Zoiks! uses sound in a way no other game has before. Players learn by trial and error how certain sounds affect certain objects and characters, giving them clues to help them track down Dastardly. This format allows younger players to learn intuitively as they play without patronising more experienced gamers.

The game was meant to be published by Infogrames in 1997, but something went wrong during the development and Zoiks! was never released in the end. A little article on the game was published in Edge issue 32.

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Lobo [N64 – Tech Demo]

In 1996 Ocean Software was working on various games with the  license from the Lobo comic series. A Lobo fighting game was in development for the Super Nintendo and the Mega Drive / Genesis but it was later cancelled. In Super Power (a french magazine) issue 33 we can see that Ocean created a Lobo tech demo to announce their plans to develope a Lobo game for the Nintendo 64 too. In the end, Ocean never released any Lobo game for the N64 and it’s currently unkown if they really started to work on their N64 project or it was just an idea that never materialized.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!