Lobo [N64 – Tech Demo]

Lobo [N64 – Tech Demo]

In 1996 Ocean Software was working on various games with the  license from the Lobo comic series. A Lobo fighting game was in development for the Super Nintendo and the Mega Drive / Genesis but it was later cancelled. In Super Power (a french magazine) issue 33 we can see that Ocean created a Lobo tech demo to announce their plans to develope a Lobo game for the Nintendo 64 too. In the end, Ocean never released any Lobo game for the N64 and it’s currently unkown if they really started to work on their N64 project or it was just an idea that never materialized.

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3 thoughts on “Lobo [N64 – Tech Demo]

  1. ForWhomTheBellTolls

    I think Lobo has an even longer life than the N64. Quite a few years ago I was on Gamestop (not sure if it was still FunCoLand, but most likely Gamestop) but I remember checking upcoming Xbox games. I remember seeing a game called Lobo with a comic like art cover. Again, very vague on my game memory, so I don’t remember who was making or publishing it, I also don’t remember any screenshots or when it was planned on being released. I also don’t know if it is the same Lobo as this one (then again, what else is called Lobo?). All I remember is seeing it as an upcoming game. Just thought I’d like to add on to the list maybe.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Lobo changed formats more times than i care to remember, originally announced for the Commodore A1200 in Summer 92.

    Jaguar version supposed to arrive in Winter 94

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