Death Race [PSX Saturn – Cancelled]

Death Race [PSX Saturn – Cancelled]

Death Race is a cancelled 3D racing game developed by Ocean for Playstation and Saturn, scheduled for the end of ’96 but that doesn’t seem to ever been released. The game was set in a distant future where the most popular show is Death Race. The game was a mix between the racing part (10 courses were available to challenge violent opposition) and exploration on foot  in a 3D environment.

Scan from Console Plus issue 45.


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Un bugiardaccio senza più estro né talento.

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3 thoughts on “Death Race [PSX Saturn – Cancelled]

  1. Yakumo

    It seems to be just a concept for a game. Those target rendars are far too good for either the Saturn or PlayStation unless they were to be used in a introduction video.

  2. Erwin

    Perhaps a remake of the controversial 1976 arcade game Death Race, based on the 1975 Roger Corman movie Death Race 2000?

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