Joe The Wall [SNES – Cancelled?]

Joe The Wall [SNES – Cancelled?]

Joe The Wall is a platform / action game that was in development by Ocean (?) for the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo. There is essentially no information about this project, apart from a short article published in Joypad magazine issue #8 (found by Celine). We examined Ocean’s SNES release list but did not find any title that looks like a potential match to this one, so we can assume that Joe The Wall was cancelled for some reason.

If you have more info on this game, please let us know!

Thanks to Jason for the english corrections!


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2 thoughts on “Joe The Wall [SNES – Cancelled?]

  1. Akkroid

    It is difficult to draw conclusions based on one screen shot, but if you look closely at the main sprite it looks similar to the one from Hudson Hawk. Of course, there is no version of Hudson Hawk on the SNES, maybe it was re-tooled\sprite swapped into ‘Joe The Wall’ who knows…

    Here is a longplay of the Amiga version Hudson Hawk

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