Lobo [SNES/Genesis – Cancelled]


LOBO is a cancelled fighting game that was meant to be released for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Mega Drive / genesis,  settled up in the DC Comics’ LOBO universe. Ocean was planning to release this in 1996, but it was cancelled for both platforms at the last minute. A prototype of the game was found by the SegaSaturno community and they released it with the help of Hidden Palace! You can download this playable beta in here.

Thanks to Gilgamesh, RedEye & Wesker for the contributions!




Spore [PC – Beta]


Spore is a video game under development by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. The game has drawn wide attention for its promise to simulate the development of a species on a galactic scope, using its innovation of user-guided evolution via the use of procedural generation for many of the components of the game, providing vast scope and open-ended gameplay. Spore was originally a working title, suggested by developer Ocean Quigley, for the game which was first referred to by the general public as SimEverything. Even though SimEverything was a first choice name for Wright, the title Spore stuck. The gameplay itself had numerous changes during development. The most striking was the shift in realism, from the gritty depiction of cellular and animal life in the GDC 2005 debut, to the current iteration of a more round, softer edged depiction of the creatures. The most visible change was in the cellular phase, which transformed the monocellular organisms into strange insects with cartoonish, human-like eyes, which were  

Panzer Dragoon prototypes: now leaked!

DRX has updated Hidden Palace with the Panzer Dragoon protos we talked about a couple of days ago:


  • Panzer Dragoon Saga – Sep 16, 1997 prototype – Disc 1 (of only 1?)
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga – Nov 30, 1997 prototype – Discs 1, 2 and 3
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga – Dec 22, 1997 prototype – Disc 1
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga – Dec 30, 1997 prototype – Discs 3 and 4
  • Panzer Dragoon Zwei – 45% prototype (preview) – Feb 02, 1996
  • “Thanks to the folks from The Will of the Ancients, a great Panzer Dragoon site with a really great community. In particular, I’d like to thank Solo Wing Dragon, Dragon Phoenix, Scott, Grumbler, alavaliant, Saturn_Worship, Lance Way, Gehpnaet, Heretic Agnostic, roushimsx, Shadow, snowgirl_orta and Chizzles.”

    You can download a torrent with the all the files @ hidden-palace.org

    Go, download, play and try to find the beta-differences! =) 

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [Beta – PSX Saturn]


    The images below are from an old E3 Beta demo of Castlevania: SotN that was sold on ebay some time ago. The description said: “This auction is for the Castlevania E3 edition. Only one known to exist in collector’s hands this could be the highlight of many game collections. This disc was an early development version of the title which was released in the us as Castlevania SOTN. Early development titles such as this were run on test consoles by developers and game testors. If you lack the hardware required to play developmental software game do not bid.

    The game gives 2 options. Normal and Special. Normal mode starts out at the end of the Bloodlines story but the text is in English while the voices are still in Japanese. I am unsure if this remains throughout the entire game or just for the first cutscene. Special mode starts you off further along with items and relics already as part of your inventory. In either mode dying brings up a different game over screen which instead says “To be continured September 1997″. I have not determined what other differences may exist and leave that all up to the buyer.”

    Some more differences were noticed by Torentsu:

    • Alucard levels much more quickly
    • spells are still usable in special mode but they start out not being in the menu
    • Lead in to the music track in Catacombs is VERY different

    This beta demo was leaked online sometime ago and you can download it if you search it on Google. If you play it and find some  more interesting differences, let us know!




    Chaos Agenda (Black ICE White Noise) [Atari Jaguar – Unreleased]

    Black ICE / White Noise (originally known as Chaos Agenda) is a cancelled action game that was in development for the Jaguar.

    In 1995 Atari corporation was desperately rushing to keep their Jaguar system alive and in competition with the next generation of gaming systems such as the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation. Atari promised a Virtual Reality helmet and cd add on in order to try and keep up with Sony and Sega.

    Unfortunately the VR helmet was canceled due to how expensive production of the unit would have been. However the cd add on eventually made it into mass production and was released in mid 1995 along with about 15 games and promises of more to come such as Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf which was canceled and Atari’s major in house project for christmas 95. Originally Atari planned to release a platforming mascot game which would rival Sega’s Sonic or Nintendo’s Mario.

    Some designs that were suggested were ducks, alligators and armadillos but none of these mascots ever caught on so Atari decided to go with a more adult cyberpunk game that would star a “slick, stylin’ Aresenio Hall-esque black hacker dude, a beautiful, ass-kicking Japanese female street samurai, and a long-haired, mirrorshaded, leather-jacketed caucasian borderline alcoholic burnout” (copy and pasted from an inteview with one of the game’s designers).

    The game would have been quite similar to Grand Theft Auto 3 in that the player could wander through a huge city and either talk to people or shoot them and would have featured a fully 3d environment as well as fmv cutscenes.

    Players could have stolen a futuristic air car and gone for a joy ride or gone on foot. Players could also use something called “My first deck” in the game in order to jack into something called the the C net which would allow players to hack into companies c space in order to access information, get addresses or look for job opportunities. Players could then accept missions from a variety of different characters.

    Missions included finding someone in C net, hacking into a part of C net to get information, destroying a renegade C net program, Breaking into a building to rescue someone and successfully take then back to safety, or taking out a gang.

    The game takes place 40 years in the future in the city of New San Francisco where a large company known as Megasoft is attempting to gain control of the C net and apparently the world. In the game you could either work with Megasoft or against them.

    If you blast a couple of cops and they begin chasing you all over the city you could simply enter the C net and hack the police data base to get rid of your police record. Or you could do a favor for the government to get your record wiped clean.

    Unfortunately the game was not to be, after Atari laid off an integral part of the Black ICE/White Noise development team a Christmas release slipped away and instead the game was targeted for a July 1996 release.

    However very quickly more team members were laid off as Atari went further and further into bankruptcy. Finally, the game was canceled and drifted into gaming history.

    However recently two different prototype builds of the game have surfaced / leaked and are available for purchase for your Jaguar CD system! One build is Revision 18. Although this build does not have as many features as the other available build it is much more stable and does not crash as much. The other available build is Revision 23, the last build of the game produced. Although there are several new features such as the infamous “zebra hooker” this build is much more unstable.

    The official soundtrack (created by Andy Armer) is also available for purchase since it was never implemented into the game.

    Article written by Conkerfan