[Update] More screens & videos in the archive

[Update] More screens & videos in the archive


In the last couple of months we have added some stuff in these Unseen Archives: 100 Bullets, Red Faction BEAST, Project Katana (Red Steel)BioshockSkies of Arcadia, Orchid, The Unseen, Earthworm Jim [PSP]Starcraft GhostBuggy Boogie [N64], Gran Thef Auto 4, Left 4 Dead, Vectorman [PS2], Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil 1, Dirty Harry, Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse, Infinity [GBC], Hellgate, Spore, Battletoads [GBA]Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 7 and we cant forget a new, useless Unseen Uncomic + a new Link (Debug Unused Wikia) in our unseen web list!

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